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Roy Lager
06-01-06, 10:17
Does anyone know any information about the Harjux family or an off-shoot Stenback(a) family from Harjux, Munsala Finland

06-01-06, 11:54
Is these the right family.

Harjux (Stenbacka), Erik Jakobsson.
Born 19/1 1865 in Munsala.
Died 29/1 1929 in Munsala.

Father Stenbacka (Harjux), Jakob Johansson.
Born 20/9 1822 in Harjux.
Died 14/7 1888 in Harjux.
Bonde på 5/48 mantal avStenbacka, sedan å 5/48 mtl. av Harjux. Bonde å 5/48 mantal av Stenbacka, sedan å 5/48 mantal av Harjux.
Mother Spåra (Munsin), Anna Eriksdotter.
Born 14/12 1823 in Munsala.
Married 1st to
Pott, Maja Lisa Henriksdotter.
Married 2nd 17/5 1889 in Munsala to
Harjux, Brita Greta Eriksdotter.
Born 19/6 1862 in Harjux Munsala.
Died 27/6 1938 in Munsala. Father: Harjux, Erik Johansson.
Born 12/9 1835 in Harjux Munsala.
Died 7/3 1892 in Harjux Munsala. Mother: Pensar, Maria Jakobsdotter.
Born 4/3 1838 in Pensala.
Died 12/3 1880 in Harjux Munsala.
Children Ehrström (Harjux), Erik Johan Eriksson.
Born 13/5 1890 in Harjux Munsala.
Died 16/5 1911 in USA.
Ehrström (Harjux), Edvard Eriksson.
Born 14/4 1893 in Harjux Munsala.
Died 29/3 1957 in Harjux Munsala. Married 9/8 1914 to Simons, Edla Sofia Jakobsdotter.
Born 4/6 1892 in Oravais.
Died 14/6 1970 in Harjux Munsala.
Ehrström (Harjux), Anna Sofia Eriksdotter.
Born 16/4 1897 in Harjux Munsala.
Ehrström (Harjux), Anders Eriksson.
Born 12/7 1899 in Harjux Munsala.
Died 5/8 1948.
Lived ogift.
Henrik Mangs

06-01-06, 17:40
In the book Levälä-släkten part 4 written by Pär-Erik Levlin you can read about the Stenbacka family from Munsala, there is a lot of old photos too. I think you can buy the book from the SFHS´s office in Seattle.

Christina Nordback