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Karen Norwillo
06-01-06, 17:35
Looking for the correct DOB for Matts. Have two conflicting dates. One is 27 May 1797, the other 1807. He is recorded under two different names, but they are obviously the same person. I have Matts Johansson Nurila married to Maja Greta Abrahamsdotter Bäck-Keurkal. He is her second husband. Found him also recorded as Matts Nurila-Långsjö. Children are the same for both. Thank you, Karen

Hasse Andtbacka
06-01-06, 18:08
Due to HisKi Matts (Mathias) is born 27.5.1797 on Kauko farm in Korplax village in Karleby. His parents were Johan Abrahamsson and Brita Michelsdr (33 years). Matts and Maja Greta had at least 5 children, all born on Långsjövatten farm in Esse.

Hasse Andtbacka

Karen Norwillo
07-01-06, 19:20
Thank you, Hasse. That was the original info I had gotten, then someone else had his birth as 1807. Maybe that was just an estimated DOB. Karen

June Pelo
07-01-06, 23:48
Don Forsman had Maja Greta Abrahamsdotter Bäck, b. 29 Sep 1807, Kronoby.


Jaska Sarell
08-01-06, 02:09
Thre are several Talko entries for Maja Greta Abrahamsdotter Bäck, which is the same as Maria Margaretha Abrahamsdotter Keurkal, born 29 Sep 1807 in Terjärv.
Father Abraham Abrahamsson Bäck- Keurkal, b. 11 Aug 1785 in Kronoby.
Moving families do cause these name confusions :confused:
Forsmans' own Talko entry has that all right, except for place of birth. Of course, Terjärv was Kronoby's chapel, and mother parish is often stated in records of other parishes, like here in Esse.

Just changed Bäck to Keurkal in my db, as Bäck was history before the birth of Maja Greta.

:) Jaska