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08-01-06, 03:10
here is the test from Hiski

can someone help with the words

10.9.1837 17.9.1837 Niemi Kyrkofatt. E:a Susanna Leppälä ålderd. 75 2 6

kiovaa thank you ;)

Nyberg Ernst
08-01-06, 14:24
Niemi is a name, perhaps on the place where the woman was living.
Kyrkofattig, "Church poor", poor individual getting her living from the welfare from the Church.
E:a, abbreviation for "enka" (today written änka), widow.
Ålderdom, old age (perhaps a statement for the reason to her situation).

Gita Wiklund
08-01-06, 17:01
Ålderdom= old age, should be the cause of death stated. And she was 75 years 2 months and six days old when she died.

10.9.1837 = the date of death. She died 10 september 1837
17.9.1837 = date of burial. She was buried 17 september 1837