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12-01-06, 01:14
Does anyone have any info on a John Frederick Planting b. Dec 15 1887 in Clatsop Co. Oregon to SF parents. The mother's maiden name might have been Romberg?

I've pulled everything I could out of the censuses and online Oregon records.



June Pelo
12-01-06, 21:36

A few years ago I helped a woman look for her Planting line, originally from Kuusamo, to Gamlakarleby and then to California. There was a Fredrik Wolmar Planting, b. 1860 in Finland who died 1882 in Wales. His sister Amelia came to the US, married and lived in California. You can find this data in my database on Talko. If you are interested in contacting this woman who was looking for Planting, I can send you her e-mail address via PM.


14-01-06, 01:01
Planting and Romberg surnames not found at PNW-40, the film at Swenson for the Astoria lutheran churches.


14-01-06, 07:43
June & Chuck --

Thanks for the help on this. I was actually looking for another person so will pass your responses on to her. I don't see a match but you know how unpredictable this can be.