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Jaska Sarell
12-01-06, 15:28
An effort to broaden my view of Påvals relatives.

The following details were found in a Keisari family book (vol. 3):
Anders Mattsson Högnäs b. 20 Feb 1851 in Purmo
wife Anna Lovisa Johansdotter Bäcksbacka b. 10 Aug 1849 in Pedersöre
Family moved to Hernesaho in Evijärvi in April 1881.
- Fanny Lovisa b. 20 Jul 1878
- Anders August b. 24 May 1880
- Johanna b. 23 Sep 1883 (d. 13 Jan 1956 in USA)
- Juho Aleksi b. 1 Apr 1886
- ( Herman b. 1888 d. 1891 )
- Matti Leander b. 31 May 1891
- Maria Amanda b. 10 Aug 1893

Son Anders August emigrated already in 1896.
The other family except Fanny Lovisa emigrated in 1902.
She emigrated two years after her husband Petter Johannes Cederberg died in 1907.
Fanny Cederberg's arrival can be found at Ellis Island on 3 July 1909 (Lucitania from Liverpool). She states to join her father Anders Mattson (address: Box 4, Chatham, Mich).

Any tracks of the family?
Anders Mattson was my FFF's first cousin.

:) Jaska

Jaska Sarell
12-01-06, 19:15
Googled a bit and found this site: http://www.geocities.com/chathammi/
Among early settlers around the turn of the century is Andrew Mattson listed, as well as many other Finnish and Swedish sounding names.

:) Jaska

William Dahlin
12-01-06, 20:37
Hello Jaska,

Will send you this information. Don't know if you have a
connection to this person but year of birth and wife's name
Anna L.

Andrew Mattson age 60 = b. 1850
Married 35 yrs
Imigration date 1892

Wife Anna L. age 61 = b. 1849
Imigration date 1902
7 children born 6 living - only three listed on this census

Alex age 24 = b 1886 Finland
Matt L. age 18 = b. 1892 Finland
Amanda M age 16 = B. 1894 Finland

By the information it looks like it could be Anders Mattsson and
Anna Lovisa. What do you think.

Wm. Dahlin Your 5th or 7th Cousin

William Dahlin
12-01-06, 20:50
Hello Again Jaska,

Found a Andrew Mattson age 40 = b. 1880
Yr of Immigration 1903
born Finland'

Betha wife age 49 = born 1871
Imigrated 1890


Edith dau age 10 b. Mich.
Edward son age 7 b. Mich
Hilda Freedlund Stepdau age 17 b. Mich
Werner Freedlund Stepson age 14 b. Mich
Emil Mattson brother age 41 b. Fin
Imigrated 1900

Jaska Sarell
12-01-06, 22:10
Thanks Bill !

The 1910 census you found fits very well, except for immigration year - perhaps he visited there earlier then.
BTW. The site I mentioned also listed a Andrew Anderson and a August Anderson (August's name just after Andrew Mattson) - perhaps the oldest son picked name Anderson, if he came alone.

And then ?
I'm afraid that Mattson isn't the easiest names to follow :eek:

:) Jaska

June Pelo
12-01-06, 22:13
Anders had a daughter Johanna, b. 23 Sep 1883 in Evijärvi, the family went to America 1902. She died there 13 Jan 1956. Perhaps her death record could be located for more info.


Jaska Sarell
12-01-06, 23:17
Hi June,

Thanks for reminding about that (somebody must have provided the info for the book?).
It seems that Chapham in Alger County, Michigan, was full of Finns 100 years ago, but one site gives following ancestry distribution there: German (13.4%), Swedish (10.8%), French (9.1%), English (6.9%), Irish (6.9%), Polish (4.3%). Where did the Finns go or don't they tell?

:) Jaska

June Pelo
13-01-06, 02:21
Here is a map showing where the Finns lived in Michigan. At the very top of the map is Houghton county in the Upper Peninsula with the largest number of Finns.




The Finns, the last of the Upper Peninsula arrivals, perservered to become the most influential ethnic group in the U.P. Many initially took work as miners and lumberjacks, but quickly switched to farming. They became the largest Finnish group in the United States and fostered their own education and religious traditions. Suomi College was founded in Hancock in 1896 to train clergy, and it still serves the community.


13-01-06, 20:45
Chatham? I know that little town. When I used to go to a cottage on Shelter Bay (Lake Superior just 10 miles further), I used to stop at the Chatham Co-Op and get groceries. Sometimes Scylla and I would go to the lumber yard and get slabs for firewood.
I downloaded copies of the 1910 Alger County census pages but I don't know from where - Jeanette would know that one.
I was going to do a deal putting image idents to each name on the list but never got around to that task. Maybe after I get the revision of the counties dbase of Finnish born ppl, I will try that. Then again it could be that hq 1910 has the page numbers as source so I could check with that and see if they match up with the name given each image.

Trenary where the Trenary bakery is located is just about 10-12 miles south of Chatham.

I didn't find this guy on my Finnish born dbase and Alger has been revised but not yet sent to Delphi.

Oh yes, and don't dispute my posting, I have found out that I am a distant relative to the famous Alahärmä ruffian Antti Isotalo. That explains my prowess with a butter knife.

June Pelo
13-01-06, 21:57

If you have access to "Siirtolaisuus - Migration" 4/2005, Jouni Korkiasaari has written an article "Finnish North Americans today by statistics". He has charts and some interesting information about census records. He also shows that in 2000 the most Finns in the US were:
Michigan 101,400
Minnesota 99,400
California 56,000
Washington 40,300
Wisconsin 36,000
Massachusetts 27,000
Florida 25,700
Oregon 21,400
Illinois 19,100
Ohio 18,000
New York 16,800

Currently about 400 people each year from Finland are given permanent resident status (green cards) and about 10,000 Finnish non-immigrant visitors such as students, exchange visitors, temporary workers, etc. Also 25,000 temporary visitors for business and 65,000 visitors for pleasure.


Dolores Luczak
13-01-06, 22:19
I live in Alger County, near Trenary. Chatham is in Rock River township, that might help you with the census.

Alger county is still not computerized.

I know of one Anderson lives close to Chatham in Limestone.

If you want phone number you can e-mail me dluczak*hotmail.com.


Dolores Luczak
13-01-06, 22:26

Is web page with Anderson in Chatham Cemetary.


Jaska Sarell
13-01-06, 23:18
Thanks Dolores!

That site was too close :rolleyes:
(came just from about 1/4 miles from the server)

These fit perfectly:
Anderson August A 1880 - 1935
Anderson August A Jr 1905 - 1970 may be next generation
Mattson J Alex 1886 - 1957
Mattson Matt 1891 - 1970
Honka Fanny L 1878 - 1920 remarried widow daughter ? (spouse Frank V ?)
Mickelson Johanna 1883 - 1956 also fits for the known details (spouse Victor ?)

:) Jaska

edit: even this may fit for youngest daughter: Maki Mary 1893 - 1949

Dolores Luczak
14-01-06, 00:49

Glad to help, in the spring, I can go take photos of head stone if you want.


14-01-06, 05:58
There is a thread in Finlander titled
Useful Census Sites particularly Michigan started by me which has links to lots of census records online.
Hopefully this will work

There were 1170 Finnish born people in the 1910 census in Alger.

If the link doesn't work search Alger County 1910 census and look for the above named thread.


Jaska Sarell
15-01-06, 01:38
Thanks Jeanette in down under!

That was great. I spotted those ppl in Rock River Township as supposed (except Fanny).
page 2B: Anderson August A 30, wife Emelia A 31,
son Anders A. 5, dr Ellen 3, son John W. 2, dr Mildrid 10/12
page 2B: Mattson Andrew 60, wife Anna L. 61,
son Alex 24, son Matt L. 18, dr Amanda M. 16
page 4B: Mickelson Victor 29, wife Johanna 27,
dr Erene 4, dr Linea 2

Anderson and Mattson families were stated Swed.-Finnish and Mickelsons Fin.-Swedish :confused:

:) Jaska

Jaska Sarell
26-01-06, 23:31
Just like to inform that a grandson of Victor and Johanna Mickelson has been contacted by my 5th cousin in Michigan.
He told that he's half Swedish and half Finnish (his mother's background is from Oulu/Uleåborg region). But we knew better - paternal grandmother Johanna (née Mattson) has background in Purmo etc., being my grandfather's 2nd cousin. So only 25% Swede?
Nope! 100% Finn :D Though half Swede Finn :p
Victor Mickelson, originally "Hummelgardt" can be found in Talko as born in Yttermark, Närpes. Thanks to Henrik Mangs for that data, and for the idea of Talko to Hasse!

:) Jaska