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15-01-06, 06:15

The article is long but gives good explanations of the relationship between Swedish and Finnish.

I was actually led to it when reading, in English, an article in Helsingin Sanomat which is here.
http://www.hs.fi/english/article/Presidential+candidates+discuss+NATO+work+and+lang uage+issues/1135218337592
I had the impression that Timo Soini of the True Finns was anti-Swedish language but when I got to the virtual Finland article, I became confused because one Swedish parlaiment member is a member of the True Finns party. So now I am left not knowing what this Timo person is all about.

Chuck:confused: :confused:

15-01-06, 13:29
...but since it is election day in Finland....

The candidate Soini I think is more of a populist candidate than strictly anti-Swedish. Rumors say that he is a very kind and friendly man. In the pre-election discussions/panels in TV his profile however has been anti-EU, anti-Swedish-Finn-"privileges", anti-this-and-that... Seems like he is trying to collect votes in a traditional populist way...

Politics... :confused: :rolleyes:


15-01-06, 19:43
Well then, he would do well here. Just be against something like (name your topic)
but just don't quite get it done during your term but say that next term you will for sure get it done. Blame the (name the party) for not getting it accomplished even though you have 90% of the congress, the white house and all of the supreme court:) Of course you don't get it done but promise again that next time it will be done away with. It's the darned (chose between neocons or liberals) that are standing in the way. We have that here in both main political parties so I suppose I should not have been confused at all.
There is the old saw about the politician from (name your state) who said when questioned about his stand in the bill being considered in the congress. He said, "some of my friends are for the bill and some of my friends are against the bill. I stand with my friends. :)

I saw a show on pbs which I taped on which a member of the parliament lamented over the difficulty of getting anything done because of the requirements for, now what did she call it, oh yes, for a qualified majority. Here such a requirement would just be disregarded or the bill would be written in secret and then presented in a bill that the minority desparately wants so a parliamentary victory. Here I think a lot of law is probably written in microdots.
Well, I hope your (name the party) is victorious far beyond your wildest dreams.


Jaska Sarell
15-01-06, 19:53
Soon we'll see who's going to be the next president for the six year period, or whether we need another round for the two that get most votes. Polling stations close at 20:00 Finnish time. Candidates by voting number:

2 Bjarne Kallis, Christian Demagogy Party
3 Sauli Niinistö, National Composition
4 Timo Soini, Elementary Finns
5 Heidi Hautala, RGB Union
6 Henrik Lax, SFP (sill fiskarnas parti, herring fishers)
7 Matti Vanhanen, Cheater Party
8 Arto Lahti, wild
9 Tarja Halonen, Social Bureucratic Party

Sorry, if the party names are not correct due to translation errors or other misunderstanding :D

:) Jaska

15-01-06, 21:50
Well, looks like I am too late to vote:(

I think I'd go with the herring fishing party. Anybody whose party has that name has the right stuff:)

I guess I have a partiality to a party which takes fish to represent it's point of view.

I think I would also be partial to somebody who is simultaneously in the PETA (people for ethical treatment of animals) and PETV (people for ethical treatment of vegetables) parties.



Jaska Sarell
15-01-06, 22:10
Just in case somebody really is interested, the counting of votes can be viewed in Swedish (http://www.yle.fi/val/resultat/forsta/) or in Finnish (http://www.yle.fi/vaalit/tulospalvelu/kierros1/index.html) - even by city or parish - actually by each polling station.
Second round will be arranged after two weeks.
Hmm, choice between 8th cousin or 7th cousin once removed :rolleyes: :cool:

:) Jaska

Addition: For Pedersöre (http://www.yle.fi/val/resultat/forsta/kn599.html) - Ytteresse had high activity and rather different results.

June Pelo
16-01-06, 00:19
My cousin Gunda was born in Finland, but now lives in Florida near Tampa. She wanted to vote but was told she would have to go to Lantana to vote - and that was too far for her to travel.


16-01-06, 01:16
Just saw on bbc online that there will be a runoff but when I saw who was on positons 1 and 2, I thought, no use voting.
I was for the herring fisherman's party but we aren't even allowed to vote so I am boycotting the election.

EDIT: That was a great website with the results. I checked the places from which my relatives emigrated and I am sorry to announce that herring fisherman did not win in any of those places. I think it has to be difficult to win with such a name.
EDIT2: My rellys didn't hail from Pedersöre but nice to see herring party did well there.
EDIT3: I have friends in Markby - found that place but where is Forsby?
EDIT4: Duh, with Pedersöre.