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16-01-06, 00:01
Sorry for writing this message last night in Swedish. Here again in English:

Searching for Karin Berg b. approx. 1880 ? in Petalax and John August Nordqvist's children, if there are any. Karin was daughter to Gustaf Berg och Anna (b. Hedberg). I know that John came from Geta in Åland. According to familysearch they married in NY 1903. They lived 1952 in Newington, Connecticut (Christmas greeting in Vasabladet). Does anyone know anything about them?

William Dahlin
16-01-06, 17:53
1900 Census Suffok New York

Karin Berg
b. Apr 1881
Age 19 = b. 1881
Born: Finland
F&M from Sweden
To usa 1890

Have not found anything yet on John August Nordqvist. Do
you have any birth date on John .

16-01-06, 18:39
No unfortunately no birth date for John!

16-01-06, 21:10
I have found this Nordqvist family in Granskarens collection of Michigan Finns and Swedish-Finns in Mackinaw County, MI v.0605:
12h John Nordqvist O:Johan August B:Apr 25 1862 P:Geta E:1895 C:S 17-1
12w Erika Charlotta O: - B:Nov 3 1861 P:Geta E:1898 C:S 17-1
12s John Erik Algot O: - B:Jan 24 1883 P:Geta E:1898 C:S 17-1
12d Jennice Mandelino O: - B:Mar 15 1885 P:Geta E:1898 C:S 17-1
12s Emil Verner O:Vaner B:Apr 15 1887 P:Geta E:1898 C:S 17-1
12s Olaf Alarik O: - B:Jul 29 1889 P:Geta E:1898 C:S 17-1
12s Edvin Mauritz O: - B:Mar 27 1891 P:Geta E:1898 C:S 17-1
12s Johannes Sigrid O: - B:Sep 12 1892 P:Geta E:1898 C:S 17-1

Son John Erik Algot b.1883 was married to my husbands grandmothers sister.
Christina Nordback

19-01-06, 00:03
cool Christina:)
I was just about to post that same group. I could not find Karin Berg in the whole of the UP.

Right now I am updating the entire dbase and hadn't gotten to Mackinaw County.

So far I have gotten thru Delta, Dickinson, Chippewa, Baraga, and Alger Counties.

I did check those updated counties but I didn't find her.


19-01-06, 15:31
Thank you William, Christina and Granskaren.

Think that William's Karin is the correct one! Not so sure about the family Christina sent info of?

Karen Norwillo
19-01-06, 19:31
Found your Nordquist family on the 1910-1920-1930 census.
1910 Bronx, NY, NY
Nordquist, John, 38, married once, 7 yrs married, Finn, 1892 to US, carpenter
Carin, 30, married 7 yrs, 4 children, 2 living, US 1897
Anna, 6, NY and Dorothy 9/12, NY

1920 Portland, Middlesex, CT
Nordquist, John, 48, says US 1893, carpenter
Carin, 39, US 1897
Anna A, 15, NY
Dorothy K.S, 10, says CT, should be NY
Esther R, 2 2/12 CT

1930 Newington, Hartford, CT on Main St
Nordquist, John A, 58, married 32 yr. US 1890, carpenter
Karin, 50, US 1897
R. Esther 12, CT

SSDI and CT death index
Karin Nordquist
5 Apr 1880-17 Jul 1965
New Britain, Hartford, CT
age 85, widow of John
res. Newington, Hartford, CT

20-01-06, 09:52
Thank you, thank you Karen!

21-01-06, 15:23
Do you think my Johan August Nordqvist b. 25 april Geta Åland 1862 was married second time with Karin Berg?

21-01-06, 23:03

I had the same thougt... but I'm not so sure anymore... 'my' Johan August was born 1872 and 'yours' 1862 - it's quite a difference. Anyway, would be interesting to find out wether these two Johan August's are the same person or not. Both are grom Geta in in Åland...

22-01-06, 02:09
Hi Stina,

At http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/ I found
Name: Esther "Cookie" NORDQUIST
Sex: F
Birth: in Connecticut 1

Marriage 1 Harold Morgan GIBSON b: 24 SEP 1910 in Laurinburg, Scotland, North Carolina
Karin Morgan GIBSON b: Abt 1944 in Laurinburg, Scotland, North Carolina

Author: Franklin Farmer
Title: Known Descendants of Ziba GIBSON
Publication: 01 Aug 1994

From SSDI:
ESTHER R GIBSON 11 Jun 1917 Jun 1994 28352 (Laurinburg, Scotland, NC) 28352 (Laurinburg, Scotland, NC) 045-18-1298 Connecticut
HAROLD M GIBSON 24 Sep 1910 19 Jan 1988 28352 (Laurinburg, Scotland, NC) (none specified) 241-09-6187 North Carolina

You will probably need to obtain the obituary to be sure but interesting that the eldest child was named Karin and with the same spelling as your family.


Also found this but probably just a red herring

JOHN NORDQUIST 16 Dec 1880 May 1972 06492 (Wallingford, New Haven, CT) (none specified) 041-12-3177 Connecticut

22-01-06, 12:50
I don´t know if 1862 is the correct birthyear of my Johan August Nordqvist. It was from the Granskarens collection of Michigan Finns and Swedish-Finns in Mackinaw County, MI v.0605:

22-01-06, 17:49
I haven't gotten back into Mackinaw County yet but I have found errors which ought not to have been present. So it is very much possible that I have made such an error from 1872 to 1862. I had cataracts surgery last spring and so I am wondering if the eyes were a lot worse than I believed. I began to recheck because I did have a few that I hadn't been sure about so on the first that I looked to, the birthdate was so clear and easy to read, I wondered how I could have missed it so I have begun rechecking every county and every church. I am completing Gogebic County next week so that should take 1-2 days and the very next one shall be Mackinaw County.
So my apologies to everybody for my mistakes.

22-01-06, 18:05
I have just found my original Mackinaw S 17-1 notes.
I have John Nordqvist at first with birthdate of 4-25-blur2 and so I must have gone back to it and thought it to be a 6 so that's why it was 1862.

Having said that, I will get a fotocopy and post it here and then perhaps we shall all see what my error really was.

Gogebic County shall have to wait.

Chuck who hopes that it actually is 1872:)

23-01-06, 12:02
Hi all!
Now I found on rootsweb: Johan August Nordqvist b. 25.4.1850! in Åland, married to Erika Charlotta. Children the same as on Christina's list. According to Rootsweb this Johan August died 23. 5. 1917 in Cedarville, MI.

'My' Johan August still lived 1930 in Hartford, CT (age 58 yrs) see Karen's list.

23-01-06, 12:45
I just had to search further... new theory:

Johan August b. 1850 had a sister Maria Sofia Nordqvist b 7.1.1849 (rootsweb). There is a Maria Sofia Nordqvist (Hiski) who had a son Johan August b. 7.11.1871. Maria Sofia was 22 years old when this JA was born, which would mean that she was born 1849. Father unknown. I think this Johan could be the right one?

23-01-06, 20:33
In the unrevised dbase I found 4 Nordquist ppl:

Emil, born Geta 1887 - Mackinaw county
Johan Erik Algot born Geta 1883 - Mackinaw county

Edla (wife) born Oravais 1894 - Marquette county

Britta (wife) born Vörå 1869 - Dickinson county.

As said, from the unrevised lists.

Chuck - I will review Mackinaw tomorrow for the Nordqvist guy.

24-01-06, 22:16
In Hiski I found three Johan August Nordqvist. The oldest one was married 29.12.1849 to Anna Sofia Henriksdotter. They got 7 children. They were parents to your Maria Sofia b.7.1.1849 ( Anna Sofia was "fästekvinna"), and to my Johan August Nordqvist b 25.4.1852. And your Maria had Johan August b. 7.11.1871. She married Tomas Andersson in 25.3.1873 and they got 10 children.

The birthyear of Johan August Nordqvist was 1852 in Hiski.

Hälsningar Christina Nordback

24-01-06, 22:52
John Nordqvist, born 25 Apr 1852 at Geta so not 1862 and not 1872. Cataracts did it again:)
Check the top portion of the members page for him.


25-01-06, 18:29
Thank you all for your help! You are great!

Now, I have found what I wanted, i.e. Johan August's and Karin's children and the origin of JA.. and much more.
The reason why I'm researching Karin and Johan is that I'm researching the Hedberg family. Karins mother was born Hedberg...

Once again - THANK YOU!

28-01-06, 06:33
Is the 1852 born guy of interst to you?
Ten kids are on this list.
Let me know with email.
granskare (at symbol)netexpress.net