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16-01-06, 17:27
Kalle (Charlie) Laakaniemi, later Salo

married May 22, 1909 in Ishpeming, Michigan Lisi (Lisa)(Lizzie) Luoma.

I need the date of birth of this Lizzie (??) born as Luoma, her father should be Elias Luoma.

And if,, date of birth.


William Dahlin
21-01-06, 18:59
Kalle (Charlie) Laakaniemi

Did not find any informatuon by that name

Charlie Salo

1920 Cenmsus Gilbert, Minnesota

Age 35
usa 1905
b. Finland
Miner - Iorn Ore Mine

1900 Census Deer Lodge Montana

Jacob Luoma
b. Nov 1851
Age 48
b. Finland
usa 1887

Susana wife age 47
b. May 1853
7 children 3 Living
b. Finland
usa 1886

Lizzie dau
b. Jan 1882
Age 18
b. Finland

Kuiui ? hard to read name son
b. Apr 1892
age 8 b. Montana

Karen Norwillo
21-01-06, 20:29
On Migration Institute found a Lisa Amanda Luoma 1881 who left Finland 27.04.1901 for Ironwood, MI. There are 6 Lisa or Liisa Luoma born 1876-77-79-81 and two in 1882. Thought this might be your Lisa as Ishpeming is close to Ironwood. Karen

21-01-06, 21:21
at the Finnish lang church in Champion:

21h Kaarle Salo Jan 20 1861 Loimaa 1896

Kalle is also Karl and Charles, etc. My mother's dad was Karl in Finland and Kalle here and then Charley.

This is this Kaarle's wife's given name, Eufrosygne, so for sure not yours.