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19-01-06, 19:08
I am looking for more family information. My gr grandfather emmigrated in 1882 from Finland. I believe from the Korsholm or Vassa area. His name was John Lillros. His sisters were Marie and Matilda which also emmigrated later. He married Anne (Redlig) Anderson. I have found that side of the family in Vassa but I am trying to find out if any Lillros's stayed in Finland. My gr gr grandfather is buried in the old cemetary in Korsholm. His name was Johan Lillros. He was married to Johanna I Back. His parents were Innysubgen Matts Mattson Lillrusk and Maja L.L. Nyman.

Any other information would be helpful


June Pelo
19-01-06, 22:02
Släkten Räf shows that Johannes Alfred Svedvall-Johansson, b. 16 Dec 1880, Storsved, Munsala, married 28 Oct 1906 to Amanda Redlig, b. 11 Dec 1886. They had 2 children and moved to Australia 1910. No further info.

HisKi has one Lillrusk birth:
christened: 13.12.1839
village: Stafversby
father: Lbd. Matts Lillrusk
mother: Maja Lisa 42
child: Maria

Lots of Lillrusk births in Korsnäs.

There are lots of Redlig names in Korsholm - it appears to be a military name because the name also appears in other parishes as military.



19-01-06, 23:03
I should have included this information, this is what I have so far, I am trying to find out if there were siblings left in Finland.

Innysubgen Matts Mattsson Lillrusk
M, b. 12 August 1803, d. 7 December 1854

Charts: Pedigree for John Lillrose
Descendant Chart for Innysubgen Matts Mattsson Lillrusk

Birth*: Innysubgen was born on 12 August 1803 at Korsnas, Finland.1
Marriage*: He married Maja Lisa Lisadotter Nyman in 1839 at Finland.
Death*: Innysubgen died on 7 December 1854 at Finland, at age 51.1

Family: Maja Lisa Lisadotter Nyman b. 24 April 1798, d. 2 November 1875

Jaska Sarell
20-01-06, 00:30
Just a note here. That's not my area of knowledge otherwise.
Innysubgen is not part of the name.
My guess is inhysingen as a title during some period of his life, meaning independent lodger. During Maria's birth in Korsholm (re: June's quotation) he was landbonde, meaning tenant farmer.

:) Jaska

22-01-06, 17:15
Hi Karen
This is from Korsnäs churchbook:
Matts Mattson Lillrusk b.Aug.12 1803 on Lillrusk farm in Korsnäs
Father of Matts: Matts Mattsson Lillrusk b.March 27 1773 d.June 16 1845 on Lillrusk farm,Korsnäs
Mother of Matts: Beata Johansdotter b.April 3 1781 d.March 15 1832 on Lillrusk farm ,Korsnäs ( Her maiden Name is unreadable in the churchbook), will check this later.
Married July3.1803
Children of Matts and Beata
Matts (Mathias) b.Aug 12 1803
Joseph b.Oct 4 1805 d.1806
Anna Greta b.March 7 1808
Beata b. ? 27 1810 (birthmonth is missing)
Stina Maria b. Oct 20 1820
Johan b. Jan 6 1822 d. Aug 9 1822
Maja Lisa b.Jan 16 1824

Parents of Matts Mattsson Lillrusk b.March 27 1773
Matts Michelsson Rusk b.Dec 1 1735 on Rusk farm,Korsnäs
Maria Johansdotter b. April 13 1741 d.Feb 5 1779 on Rusk farm,Korsnäs (have to check her maiden name later)
Children of Matts and Maria
Maria b.Oct 5 1765 d Aug 13 1769
Johan b.April 25 1769
Manna Margareta b.Dec 15 1771
Matts b.March 27 1773
Chatarina b.July 14 1777 d.Sept 25 1806
Beata b.Dec 27 1778 d.May 6 1779

Matts Mattsson married 2 after Maria´s death to Anna Mattsdotter b.Aug 30 1754( have to check her maiden name later)
Children of Matts and Anna
Carl b.sept.11 1782
Anna Ulrika b.Oct 17 1786
Eric b.Aug 16 1790
Joseph b.Dec 1 1792

Matts Mattsson Lillrusk b.Aug 12 1803 moved to Malax in 1828 were he married Sept 1 1829 Maja Lisa Mattsdotter Nyman b.April 24 1798 in Stafversby,Korsholm. They moved to Jurva Sept 18 1830 and from Jurva to Stafversby and Galt farm about 1839-1840.Matts Mattsson was a tenant farmer.

Parents of Maja Lisa Nyman b.April 24 1798
Mother: Lisa Jacobsdotter Nyman, unmarried
Father: Unknown