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June Pelo
20-01-06, 23:46
Suomen Silta, 5/05:

A poll published by Helsingin Sanomat showed that 62% were against Karelia being returned to Finland. Less than a third of the respondents wanted Karelia to be a part of Finland. Those who wanted Karelia to form a part of Finland were mostly young adults, teenagers and people with family ties to the region. Those against it cited the high cost of rebuilding Karelia as a factor..

Drunkenness has increased among high school pupils, but fewer students smoke now than four years ago. (Our newspaper wrote the same thing about students here - they were drinking more and smoking less.)

Helsingin Sanomat estimates that as many as 10,000-40,000 Finns are still paying back debts taken during one of Finland's worst recessions in the early 1990s. The average amount of debt owed totals 70,000-80,000 euros ($85,775-98,389).


21-01-06, 02:08
I didn't read this at the magazine but heard or saw it somewhere.

It supports the thought that Finns don't want Karelia back - too expensive to rebuild it.

I rather doubt the Soviet Union aka Russia will return it. Those portions of Finland which were ceded to the eastern entity seem to follow lines of territory that had gone from east to west some time ago.

Perhaps somebody in Finland can enlighten us on this point, that the ceded lands were once belonging to the Russians in the first place. Probably it had been passed back and forth over several centuries.

I guess this is why I am for the Finns being a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian disputes over land. Finns have experienced it.


Jaska Sarell
21-01-06, 16:03
See here (http://www.yle.fi/eurooppalaisialapsia/english/aboutfinland/suomi_raja.html)

From 1721 to 1743 the SE border was closest to the current one.

:) Jaska

22-01-06, 04:35
Thank you, Jaska, for the link. That is a very useful and interesting web page!

Kirsti Uunila