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June Pelo
21-01-06, 22:25
Suomen Silta, 5/05 reports a conversation between Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder about how bad Finnish food is. Chirac said that "Finnish food is worse than what you find in the United Kingdom and that you cannot trust people that each such bad food."

The writer of the article admits that "Finns still put ketchup on spaghetti and pizza and mämmi looks like something that the cow expelled and abandoned in the field."

He wrote that Finnish food has changed radically from the days when porridge and läskisoosi (pork in gravy) were the staple diet.

Now the Finns eat sushi, tacos, Tandoori chicken, use stinky Thai fish sauce in food and eat specialty hams from Parma. They also eat a lot of salad. People in our grandparents' generation wouldn't touch the stuff - saying that it was cow food.

The foreign food invasion has been so overwhelming in the past two decades that one wonders if Finnish food is eaten any longer in the country.

(During my visits to relatives in Finland I told them to serve what they normally eat and not to try to prepare "American" food. One cousin said she didn't have a toaster and wondered if she should buy one so I could have toast! I told her definitely NO. They did surprise me one day when they served pizza - and I was surprised because pizza was still fairly new in Finland. They always appeared to be surprised when I would eat something and tell them we ate the same thing at home. What really surprised them was when they served blood bread and I commented that we ate it often when I was growing up. They couldn't believe that people in America knew what it was. I can remember my father bringing home a bucket of fresh blood from the butcher so he could make some blood bread. It may sound awful, but it looked like chocolate cake and had no flavor - we added salt pork and potatoes to it when we served it.)