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27-09-03, 17:19
I'm trying to track an ancestor who is found in Liminka. A few of the entries state he is from "TŚrneŚ" or "Torneo". Checking Hiski, I have been unable to find him or his children in any of the parishes online. I'll need to order films from the FHC but I'd like to make sure I'm ordering the correct parish. Hiski has "TorneŚ" and "Alatornio/NedertorneŚ". My question is which other parish should I be looking for in that vicinity that would be referred to as "TŚrneŚ" or "Torneo"?

Thanks for any help!

Gita Wiklund
27-09-03, 21:04
Hi Kevin,

TorneŚ (in swedish) or Tornio (in finnish) is situated in the north of Finland by the border to Sweden. On the other side of the Border is the Swedish town Haparanda. Check out the map:


What timeframe are you talking about here? There has been changes during time. Up until 1809 Tornio was a part of Sweden. As far as I understand there has been divisions of parrishes along the border and name changes. Have you checked Karunki parrish in Hiski?


28-09-03, 00:16
My ancestor was born abt 1688. He had 7 children total with the last born 1733. The oldest child that moved with him to Liminka was born 1721. I show him married in Liminka 1738. His name in the rippikirjat and marriage records films is listed as Pehr Henriksson Seivi/Seini/Soiri/Soini. There were a couple of notations stating him being from TorneŚ. The last rippikirjat I found him in in Liminka has both his name and his 3rd wife's name crossed out and the name Salo appeared after his name. Not sure if it refers to a farm or a parish. There were no Salo farms in Liminka through 1800 that I saw.

This son born 1721 shows up in the marriage records of UleŚborg. There it lists him as being from Torneo though he was living in Liminka as per the rippikirjat at the time (1752).

As I said, none of these children's birth records show up in a search of that part of Finland. I think it is "area 19" Lapland.

Gita Wiklund
28-09-03, 12:09
Hi Kevin,

Maybe you could post a question to Tornedalens ForskarfŲrening
(i.e the genealogical society of the TorneŚ valley)

c/o Inger Darehed e-mail: ninneda%40telia.com
÷verkalixvšgen 15, 980 60 Korpilombolo, Sweden

You should tell her about the years and names and ask her about possible parrishes. (I found this referens at RŲtter www.genealogi.se under the headline: Member Societies of The Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies)

Hope this will be of help to you

28-09-03, 17:44
Thanks so much, Gita!

I sent an email to Inger. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I also visited that website and ended up posting a message about my wife's gg-grandfather who immigrated from Stockholm. Poor Ingemar Eckman has been trying to help me every time I find a new clue.

Thanks again for your suggestion!