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22-01-06, 20:06
I am looking for information about my grandfather Antii Huoppi born ~1884/5 in or around Vipurii and my grandmother born ~1894/5 near Oulu , Vaala, Saraisniemi village, Finland. ANy information would be greatly appreciated or even places to look. thanks Rich

Kaj Granlund
07-02-06, 08:48
For your grandmother try the email vaala*evl.fi. It is the parish and they might find her in their records. But Viipuri might be more difficult as many of the records were destroyed during WWII. But the province archive at mikkeli*narc.fi might be helpful to check the books they have.

17-02-06, 06:28
Is it possible that I have the name wrong and Kauppi should be Huoppi/Hauppi....making it possibly the same name you are searching on? Or...are they two totally different names?
The following was my post:
Family of Greta Nahkala and Antti Kauppi, and Hinni Kaupppi Greuksen
Greta Nahkala, born 1852, to parent Jakob Samuelsson Nahkala (aka Heilala/Heilanen), Revonlahti Finland, died 1902.
Married Antii Kauppi.
Had 13 children, 6 dying young.
Youngest daughter Hinni, married Kaarlo Jahannes Greuksen 1918, moving to Oulu in 1919.
Looking for information on the children of Greta and Antii and their descendants.

27-03-06, 04:16
bbj- The name is Huoppi. There seem to be many names similar to one another, rhuoppi

18-04-06, 22:35
Boston Passenger Lists 1820-1943 Records (Ancestry)

Huoppi, Antti
Arrival Date: 10 December 1909
Age 27 years
Estimated birth year: 1882
Gender: Male
Ethnic Background: Finnish
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ship: Ivernia
Port of arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
Going to friend: Robert Huoppi
Last residence: Finland
Microfilm roll # 142

Hope this helps,