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22-01-06, 21:11
I can't tell you how many times I have browsed this site, and never joined. Well, I am now a new member, and hopefully a contributing asset to this site! I just sent my gedcom to Hasse, and I'm curious if he's been able to open it. Five years of stacked paperwork was finally loaded onto Brother's Keeper Genealogy Program, and sent also to my new found "cousin", Karen Norwillo, and she can't get it open. "Access Denied" is all she gets! Hopefully, one of you wonderful forum members are familiar with this genealogy program, and can help! My family history includes names Granbacka, Yli-Kuusijarvi, Tanskanen, Kilpela, Pakonen, Fraki, and Palmgren to name a few. I'm so excited to finally have my family history organized, but what good is it, if it can't be opened! Thank-you!

Hasse Andtbacka
22-01-06, 22:44
Welcome Denise,

we have had fruitful conversations earlier, haven't we?

Hasse Andtbacka

June Pelo
22-01-06, 23:28
Welcome, Denise,

If you sent a GedCom to Hasse Nygård, I'm sure he'll be able to open it and get it into the Talko database for us to see. Maybe he'll know why Karen Norwillo can't open your file. I know know anything about Brother's Keeper.


Karen Norwillo
23-01-06, 01:00
Welcome cousin Denise. It was her 27 pages of info sent to her by Hasse, I believe, that I sat and entered into my Roots Magic program. Karen

23-01-06, 01:47
Yes Hasse,
We have had fruitful conversations in the past, but I didn't want to bother you again. I'd have to learn to make "PULLA " and send it to you from the U.S.! Please help, Hasse!!!:D

Hasse Andtbacka
23-01-06, 07:59
Your gedcom opened without problems in Brother's Keeper.
Let's have coffee in Michigan, my wife & I will be there in August :D

Hasse Andtbacka

23-01-06, 11:18
Some new gedcom files was added this weekend to Talko - among these was yours Denise! The gedcom was quite perfect!

For those who have access to Talko Denise's list of surnames can be found here (http://www.finlander.eget.net/angraf/surnames.php?tree=denise)

Noted that some of the scandinavian accented characters were missing in the first upload because of the ANSEL coding in the gedcom file instead of ANSI. Corrected /Hasse

23-01-06, 14:09
My gedcom opened! Yes!:D Thank-you!
Hasse, I look forward to finally meeting you and your wife in August, but wonder if my Grandmother, Ina Fräki's recipe for Swedish coffeecake will do? :D Where in Michigan will you be traveling?

Hasse Andtbacka
23-01-06, 14:37
We will stay in Travese City with our son. Not so far from your place :)

23-01-06, 20:07
Hi Denise,

wonderful to meet you here as well! As an info to everybody who doesn´t know you already - Denise is one of the most generous and helpful persons I ever met, a real gem :D


24-01-06, 02:02
Hello Merja!
Are you really talking about me? :o My cheeks are turning red! Now I have to live up to everyone's expectations!:eek:

24-01-06, 02:06
Traverse City is very nice, Hasse! Will you be going to Lelanau Sands, or Turtle Creek? ;)