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24-01-06, 18:03
I was earlier searching for information about Erik Bryberg above,I have now got more information about him through an inquire in Anbytarforum(Sweden)
The new information is Erik Eriksson Bryberg,which tells that he was active in Åboläns Cavallerie since 1708,and also in something called PelKene and Stor Kyro. He had also been in Borgo there hed been captured as a prisoner and treated very badley.However he escaped and possible run away to Norway for a while.He worked for any Officer and at the end he settled down in Rödön parish.There he died 1747-02-21.Married and children.
1745 års generalmönsterrulla (general rolls

It would be very interesting if there were any possibilty to get knowledge about his parents and siblings out from this new information. His "familypicture" in Finland.
Thank you very much/Harriet

"Ur 1745 års generalmönsterrulla för Erik Eriksson Bryberg: Karlen gammal bräkelig och inwärtes siuk får afskied. Förr tient wid Åboläns Cavallerie altsedan år 1708, samt bewistat actionerne wid PelKene och Stor Kyro, samt tilförne warit på ett partie wid Borgo därest han blifwit fången och illa medfaren, men eschaperat utur fångenskapen, Sedermera som Officers dräng Campagnen i norige, altid, tient troget och wäl är ganska fattig, så at han sig ej kan försörja Recommenderas till underhåll .. "