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Kaj Eriksson
24-01-06, 18:17

I am looking for this relative Daniel Alarik Söderlund born at Sund, Åland Finland 25.9.1881.

He arrived at New York from Southampton the 3rd May 1902 with ship Philadelphia. I do not know where he went then but at some times he returned back to Finland and get married abt 1910.

I would be grateful to get some information of him when he was in U.S.A.


William Dahlin
24-01-06, 19:31
According to your information Daniel arrived in 1902. USA has
census records taken every 10 years and if he returned to
Finland before 1910 he would not be on any census records.

I did not come up with any information on census records
on him.

Ancestry.com under one world tree shows a
Daniel Alarik Soderlund b. 1881 d. 1948
married to: Mimmi Irene Haggblum
one child Rolf Magnus Soderlund
b. 1919 Finland

Father John D. Soderlund
M. Johanna Suibergsson

Ingemar Ekman
24-01-06, 21:51
My mother’s 3rd cousin was married to an older sister to Daniel Alarik Söderlund and then the sister was re-married to my grandmother’s 4th cousin, after her first husband died.

It seems that Daniel Alarik Söderlund returned back to Åland? The information in Håkan Skogsjö’s book is that Daniel Alarik died 1948 in Saltvik Åland. He was married with a woman from Hammarland, Åland.

/ Ingemar

Kaj Eriksson
25-01-06, 16:15
Hi William,

Thank you for your fast reply I will continue my research of him here then to see if I would find anything about hm.

Kaj Eriksson
25-01-06, 16:24
Originally posted by Ingemar Ekman
My mother’s 3rd cousin...

Hi Ingmar,

It was nice to get such a fast answer . If you have knowledge of who his sister was I would be grateful if you could let me know that.

Ingemar Ekman
25-01-06, 20:36
Hi Kaj,
The sister that was married with my distant cousins was Anna Irene b 1875.
Daniel Alarik had also following siblings:
Johan Erik 1869 - 1918, moved to Uleåborg
August Reinhold 1873 – 1947
Karolina Ingeborg 1874 – ,
Karl Edvard 1877 – 1943
Hanna Charlotta 1878 – 1969
Linda Augusta 1880 – 1958
John William 1883 – 1971
Knut Artur 1889 - , moved to Munsala
Gustav Gösta 1886 – 1965 (he was also married with a distant cousin to me Olga Matilda Englund 1894-1976) and 6 more that died in young age.
The book “Familjer och Gårdar i Sund” by H. Skogsjö has much more information about the families above. You may find the book at the library in Helsinki.

Extract from my family file:
Anna Irene Söderlund, born 9 DEC 1875 in Hulta, Sund, dead 7 AUG 1977 in Degerby, Föglö.

Married 4 OCT 1900 to
Nikolaj Ivar Andersson, born 6 MAY 1874 in Degerby #1, Föglö,
dead 25 JUL 1903 in Degerby #1, Föglö. Custom officer

Married 29 DEC 1909 to
Gustav Erik Holmström, born 28 AUG 1875 in Stentorpa, Föglö,
dead 16 MAR 1950 in Degerby #1, Föglö. Sea captain

Children by first marriage: 1 son
Children by second marriage: 4 daughters and 4 sons
Further descendants are more than 70 persons including the marriages. I can send more information direct to you about them.

// Ingemar,

Kaj Eriksson
28-01-06, 18:40
Hi Ingemar,

Thank you for the information I got from you. It was nice to get so much about Daniel A. Söderlund. I am satisfied with what I have got so I do not think I need more about his relatives.

Once more many thanks for what I got.