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June Pelo
25-01-06, 22:53
I have a request for help from Finland:

"Inga Elisabeth Fulkerson, b. 10.2.1898 Michigan, d. 3.1.1987 Orange Country CA, 543-34-5673, 88 yrs. Her parents were listed: mother Simonson and father Friisval, but no first names shown.

It is important for me to know if her father was Matts Friis(vall), b. 27.2.1862 Oulainen. Matts immigrated to USA 25.1.1888.

Would someone be able to look at 1900-1910 census records (Michigan) so that we can see Inga´s father and mother first name, also her
potential sister and brother."

Would appreciate any help.


Karen Norwillo
26-01-06, 03:05
June, No luck in the 1900 or 1910 census as yet, but did find them in 1920, Interior, Ontanogen, MI
Frisvall, Matti, 52, US 1890, Finland, farmer
Frisvall, Maria, 50, US 1900, Finland
Frisvall, Inga E, 20, MI, teacher public school

1930 Hazel Park, Royal Oak, MI
Frisvall, Inga E, boarder, 31, single, MI, says father Finland, mother Norway, teacher public school. Don't know why the change in mother's birthplace.
Hopefully this is what you're looking for. I'll keep checking the other years. Karen

William Dahlin
26-01-06, 03:08
Hi June,

I keyed in on Ancestry.com for 1900 census Michigan and 1910
Census but came up with a blank. The only other way to look
would be to know the city, county might help.

I picked up some Friisvall in 1920 census the father and mother
John and Hilma and 7 children. Keyed in Friis but did not
find any Matt's or Matt. Only thing that came up was Inga Fulkerson death records in California.

Wish I could help but would need more information on family.

Karen Norwillo
26-01-06, 04:24
June, Think this is them in 1900. If it is, looks like the Mary in 1920 was Matts second wife and not Inga's mother.

1900 Calumet, Houghton, MI

Freeswell, Matt, 38, born Feb 1862, Finland, married 5 yrs. US 1888, in US 12 yrs, laborer
Freeswell, Lizzie, 44, Apr 1856, Norway, married 5 yrs, 4 children, 4 living, US 1881, in US 19 yrs.
Freeswell, Inga E, 1, Oct 1898, MI
Johnson, John, stepson, 18, Mar 1882, MI
Victor, stepson, 15, May 1885, MI
Agnes, stepdaughter, 11, Feb 1889, MI
That seems to explain why Inga said her mother was born in Norway. Karen

June Pelo
26-01-06, 20:51
Thanks, Karen and Bill. I'll forward it all to Suoma and let her figure it out..