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Maria Auvinen
27-01-06, 08:58
I´m searching my relatives and ancestors in the States. My grandfather´s family immigrated from Finland to USA in 1910. At the time my grandfather was born, their address were Monessen, Pa, 400 Motheral Ave. This information is old, dated back to the year of 1920. Anyway when my grandfather was born in oct. 1918 his mother, Maria Lempio passed away. She had Spanish fever or influenza. My grandfather, Eugen, 9 months old and his older brother 5 years old Haakon were sent to Vehmaa, a town located West Coast of Finland, to Maria´s home farm. My grandfather was brought up by Maria´s sister and her family in Vehmaa. My grandfather´s father John Lempio and his older children Paavo, Helena and Yrjö, stayed in the States, to my knowledge. John later remarried. We have been told, that they had two children together. Paavo, the oldest brother visited Finland many times, last in 1975. I don´t have any trace of the other brothers and sister of my grandfather, except that many of them moved to Florida. I´m now trying to locate our possible living reliatives in the US. If anybody in the Palm Beach Community happend to have any information about my american relatives, I would be most grateful if you contact me via this web site.

Kind rgds

Maria Auvinen

27-01-06, 14:32
On Ancestry I found public records:
Agnes M. (87 years old) & Gunnard H. Lempio
5731 Southeast Hull Street
Stuart, Florida
(772) 221-7179

Paul Lempio
2682 Sabal
Clearwater, Florida

William Dahlin
27-01-06, 16:38
John Henrik Lempio This was World War I Draft Reg. 1917-18
b. 30 Jun 1882
Westmoreland, Pa

1910 Census Ludlow Windsor Vermont
John Lempio
Age 27
b. abt 1883
Unable to read census form

A lot of Lempio's are listed in New Jersey and in Michigan.
Will check .

27-01-06, 16:45
On Ancestry also found:

Ann Lempio 79 years
Death date: 24 Dec. 1997
Palm Beach County, Florida

Hilppa A. Lempio 90 years old
Death date: 13 April 1997
Pasco County, Florida

Matilda N. Lempio 66 years old
Death date: 21 July 1970
Pasco County, Florida

Paul A. Lempio 79 years old
Death date: 2 Nov. 1982
Pasco County, Florida

Pasco County is on the Gulf Coast of Florida, includes cities of Port Richey, Hudson, New Port Richey.

William Dahlin
27-01-06, 17:08
1930 Census Detroit Wayne, Michigan

John H Lempio
b. abt 1882
b. Finland F&M from Finland
USA 1909

Wlizabeth S wife
Age 38
b. abt 1892
b. Ohio F&M from Finland

Gennard H son
b. 1923 PA
Lillian dau
b. 1928 PA

1930 Census shows the following people

William Lempio
Emil Lempio
Paul A Lempio

The above were in Michigan

Michael Lempio

The above were in New Jersey