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Maria Auvinen
28-01-06, 09:58
Thank you William and Denise! You gave me a lot of information to carry on. A few familiar names popped out in your lists. For ex. my motherīs cousin Paul. And there was also Gunnard/Gennard Lempio, a name I have discovered before, but thanks to you both now identified as my great uncle. Also most of Lempioīs at the Michigan area are probably my relatives, since I know my great grandfather John moved to Detroit after my great grand mother Maria passed away. There he remarried to Elizabeth and they had Gunnard and Lillian.What a wonderful way to start a day by reading your mails ( itīs morning in Turku, Finland). Iīm so happy and greatful to both.:D :D



William Dahlin
28-01-06, 16:52
Am happy to hear that you made a connection with the information that you received. This makes everything worth while when you try and help others looking for relatives in USA.
My grandfather and grandmother were born in Larsmo, Eugmo
Finland. I have many cousins in Finland still in the Larsmo
area. Found them through Finlander Forum and visited Finland
in yr 2000.

If you need other information on others just post your message.

28-01-06, 17:04
You are welcome!
Denise :)

William Dahlin
28-01-06, 17:25
1930 Census Wayne Detroit Michigan

Paul Lempio
Age 29 b. Finland
USA 1909

Matilda wife
Age 26 b. Michigan
F&M from Finland

Paul A. Lempio
b. 7 Feb 1903
d. 2 Nov 1982
Age 79
Pasco, Florida

Matilda N. Lempio
b. 2 Mar 1904
d. 21 Jul 1970
Age 66
Pasco, Florida

William Dahlin
28-01-06, 17:43
Will send this information on in case you have any connections.

1930 Census Calumet Michigan

William Lempio
Age 53
b. Mich F&M from Finland
Miner-Copper Mine

Ulrika wife age 52
b. Finland F&M fr. Finland
USA 1880

Emil Lempio age 27
b. Mich. Father b. Mich Mother Finland

Pauline wife age 24 b. Mich
F&M from Yugoslovia

Evelyn dau age 4 b. Mich

Maria Auvinen
02-02-06, 12:27
William and Denise,

I made a contact with my great uncle Gunnard, so thank you both again. This would not be possible, without your help.