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29-01-06, 03:23
I am trying to find information about an Andrew Pakka, who I found in a 1900 Census as an inmate in the Oregon State Hospital in Marion County, Oregon. Does anyone have connections to check out, or get a death certificate for him?
I am hoping he is the person I am looking for from Harma, Finland, born 23 March 1862. On the 1900 census there isn't an age.

Karen Norwillo
29-01-06, 17:35
Denise, Did you see the entry for an Andrew Pakka in Astoria, Clatsop, OR 1900
Pakka, Andrew, 47, yrs in present marriage 2, Finn, can't read occupation
Pakka, Lizzie, 41, Finn
Anderson, Ernie, step-son, 13, Finn
Pakka, Matti, son, 11, OR
Pakka, Isaac, son, 8, OR
Pakka, Willie?, son, 6, OR
Pakka, Char??, son, 5, OR
Obviously, both had been married before.
I did not find Andrew on the OR Death Index 1903-1998. The only Pakka entries were for a Leo John and Hazel Pakka. Unless he died between 1900-1903. Karen

29-01-06, 17:54
Hi Karen,
Yes I did see that census, and it probably is the same person. I'm trying to get a death record on him, so I can get his birthdate off it, and see if he's Merja Syrjamaki's ancestor we've been searching for. There is also a brother, Erkki (Erik) Pakka that I've been trying to find, born in July,1868, but everytime I think I've found him there is one piece of info. that doesn't match up. He was still in Finland in 1893, so he was here after that. Those two have been very difficult to find. I found the sisters in Massachusetts easily, but the brothers have been very elusive. Andrew had passport in 1896, but there isn't any info. on Erkki, passport or otherwise. He did come to America as he sent a picture back to Finland of himself here, but an aunt had burned all his letters, pictures, everything! So, Merja has been searching for years, and myself about a year or so. I've checked out every Erik Pakka, Backa, Bastubacka I can find and nothing! I'm thinking about signing up for the Canadian records on Ancestry, but MORE MONEY! It's getting to be very expensive. But it may be worth it as I'm sure Canadian records hold a few clues!

Karen Norwillo
29-01-06, 18:16
Denise, Found Elizabeth Pakka (Lizzie) in 1910, she was a widow again. So Andrew died btween 1900-1910. Also see some Pakkas in Canada. Found a Charles Pakka who died 18 Nov 1955 in Salmon Arm, BC at age 61. In 1910 Isaac and Carl (Charles) were still with Lizzie. Looks like Ikke on the census. Karen

29-01-06, 23:49
Hi Karen,
Did you sign up for the Canadian Records on Ancestry? or was the info. you just sent already existing on the site?