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29-01-06, 17:31
Looking after my grandmother’s sister in USA.
Maria Amanda Gustavsdotter b. Nyman 1881-08-26 in Dalabäck Pedersöre Finland.
Moved to US ?

Married 1/ with Elmer Wilson
Married 2/ with ??? Wenger

Somebody know anything about Amanda ?

//kaj timrén

Karen Norwillo
29-01-06, 23:48
Found Amanda Wilson in Butte, Silver Bow, MT 1920 census

Wilson, Nels, 48, Sweden, Fireman, mines
Wilson, Amanda, 38, Finland, US 1891?
Wilson, Elmer, 13, MT

Butte, Silver Bow, MY
Wenger, Alfred, 40, widow(er), Norway
Wenger, Alice, 11, MT
Wenger, Adelaine, 7
They are living with his mother, Alethe Ronning. Also found spelled Running.

Found his WWI Draft Card. Alfred Jonas Wenger 11 Dec 1879, nearest relative, Alethe Ronning.
Found mother's death record, Alethe Ronning 1861-11 Feb 1923.

1930 census Butte Silver Bow, MT
Wenger, Alfred, 50, married first time age 24, Norway, copper mine
Wenger, Amanda, 48, married at 22 first marriage, Finland, US 1900
Elmer is 23 and Emil is 17, both born MT.

MT Death Index
Nels Wilson, 51, born 1872, died 22 Apr 1923, Silver Bow

Alfred J Wenger, 56, born 1880, died 4 Jan 1936, Silver Bow

Amanda M Wenger, 84, born 1881, died 18 Dec 1965, Silver Bow, widow.

Elmer Wilson, 74, born 1907, died 21 Jun 1981, Silver Bow.
Emil Wenger, 70, born 1917, died 31 Mar 1987, Powell county, residence Silver Bow county.
Found both Nels Wilson and Alfred and his brother Olof Wenger in the 1902 Butte, Silver Bow Directory. No Amanda.
Hope this helps, Karen

30-01-06, 09:48
Thank you Karen!

I think it’s right Amanda. I remember my father said .. Amanda was married with a Swedish man. I have seen in Talko an other died days .. but my father write a letter 1934 to Amanda and received her answer (letter).