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Kaj Granlund
30-01-06, 14:05
Got a request if I knew anything about the place of death of Erik Anders Anderson Rosenblad born 29 Mar 1884 died 20 Febr 1828 somewhere in the USA. Some of their relatives lived in Maine and in MA. But they weren't sure where their grandfather lived in the USA or died cause no letters can be found. Any information available?

Karen Norwillo
30-01-06, 22:27
Found his WWI Draft Registration card
Erik Anders Rosenblad
Florence, Ravalli, MT
age 34, March 29, 1884
Vasalan, Finland
works sawmill
nearest relative, Frank Rosenblad, Norwood, Mass.
this was in 1918
I tried finding him in MT in the 1920 census, but no luck.
Please check that DOD, can't be 1828, 1928??
I checked the MT death index, but no luck. Tried Rosenblad and Anderson. Karen

Kaj Granlund
31-01-06, 13:30
Yes, that's him. Frank was his half brother and Frank used the familyname Anderson. And the DOB is 1928 for sure. That DOB is from the churchrecords in Finland. But is it the correct date or just the date they go the information to Finland. What does a draft card indicate. Was he in the WWI? Now the problem is how to find him if he isn't registered in a census 1920.

William Dahlin
31-01-06, 17:27
This is all I found with a search in all States:

1920 Census Philadelphia

Nathan Rosenbald
Age 42
USA 1890
b. Poland

Ester wife age 38
USA 1898
b. Prussia

Kopple son age 13
Hannah age 11
Frank age 5 = b. 1915
Dorothy age 2 8/12

Would you know what Ericks fathers name & possible birth
date. Any other name he could have went by. Have checked
Andersson, Rosen, lst name Anders. No luck

Karen Norwillo
31-01-06, 21:42
Kaj, During 1917-1918, all men between a certain age parameters were required to register with their local draft board, whether native or foreign born. Not everyone who registered served in WWI. This, I believe, was to get a count of how many eligible men were available. But these records do have alot of info on that little card.

I also found an Erik Rosenblad on Ellis Island arriving 27 Nov 1916 on the SS Frederik VIII from Christiania, Norway. Looking at the manifest, Rosenblad, Erik, 32, laborer, destination Boston, in US before 1904-1913 in Boston. Going to Frank Anderson 185 Pleasant St, Norwood. From Wasa, Finland, wife Ida Rosenblad in,
looks like, Lapfjor, Dagsmark, Finland. The age is correct. I checked to see if Ida followed him, but so far no luck. I'll keep looking. I found several Erik Rosenblads in Mass city directories, but most of them were there during the time Erik was in MT or wives names were not Ida. There was also an Erik Axel Rosenblad in WA and then in CA, but he was older. Karen

Kaj Granlund
31-01-06, 22:28
his father's name was Anders Konstantin born 1845 died 1916 in Finland. The names he must have used are Anderson/Andersson och Rosenblad other possibilities that comes into this family will prabably be to difficult in English.
We know that he had a daughter Lena that was married Salonen born Rosenblad in 1905. This daughter died in Maine 1979.
From the information we have Erik was living in Boston area at that time with his first wife Sofia born 1874. BUT the daughter and their son Anders Teodor born 11 May 1908 are registered in Finland as born in Finland. Which must be a misstake. Any information about this in 1910 census from the Boston area?
They couldn't find Erik in Maine as they went there last summer.

Erik's wife Ida returned to Finland.

William Dahlin
01-02-06, 01:36
Long Shot

1900 Census Phikedelphia, Penn.

Samuel Rosen
b. Feb 1887
b. Russia
USA 1888
Married 12 yrs
Milk Business

Lena wife
Born Nov 1868
b. Russia

Charles son age 9
b. Jun 1880 Russia

Sofia dau age 4
b. Feb 1896 Penn
Willie son age 1
b. Mar 1899 Penn

Lonis brother age 23
b. May 1877
B. Russia

Lena sister age 21
b. Russia Jan 1879