View Full Version : Caino-Torp book

June Pelo
30-01-06, 23:51
I have a copy of changes and corrections that were made to the book. If anyone wants a copy (92 pages), send me your e-mail address via PM. There will be no distribution made by the C-T Committee.


K-G Molander
11-01-17, 00:58

June, do you still have these 92 pages ? Can you email them?

June Pelo
11-01-17, 01:07
K-G... What pages are you referring to?

K-G Molander
11-01-17, 08:01
Greetings and hello again.
I'm sorry. I should have been more clear.

If I understood you right in one of your earlier comments, you said that you have 92 pages of corrections to
The "Caino-Torp book".

Do you still have it? And could it be emailed to me?

June Pelo
11-01-17, 19:59
K-G,, just mailed them to your email address.. hope it's still the same address!