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31-01-06, 12:55
As you may have seen I have entered an "exhibit" module to the SFHS web portal that shows random pictures from a collection on the home page. The collection is also viewable in a separate article if you click the picture in the exhibit window.

Just now the exhibit running is of the church pictures sent to me some months ago. This exhibit can be seen here (http://sfhs.eget.net/portal/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=59) .

I have been planning to change the collections of pictures to show every now and then. I would like to have the possibility to show among other things pictures from different locations important for the members of Finlander forum and of SFHS.

I already asked Syrene if she had the Felch pictures from last summer stached away somewhere - these might be interesting for those of you who have roots in that place and didn't visit the FinnGrandFest. Maybe we can show these if Syrene still has the pictures?

To start with something here in Finland we could start with a parish. Since I'm in the position to select I suggest that the first location for a picture exhibition is Nedervetil - this because all our June has her deep roots there and Nedervetil is therefore a good place to start. After this you may suggest the following parish to exhibit.

If you think about Nedervetil - what pictures would describe Nedervetil the best? Old pictures. New pictures. The church. The graveyard. Gillestugan. Seljes. Old buildings. Type of buildings. Folk costumes. Nature. Tourist sights?? Rememberable people... Pictures from the different villages. Photos from the air. Traditional handicraft. The brass band.

To put it short - which pictures describe and depict Nedervetil?

Send the pictures to me at the address sfhs.pictures[at]e-brev.nu . Please add a short description to each picture: where it was taken, caption, approx. time. Remember that we cannot publish pictures that are copyrighted to others.

I reserve the right to select the ones to show from the pictures sent to me.