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02-02-06, 04:35
Does anyone have access to the 1930 US Census. I am trying to find William Adolf Mattson, he would have possibly lived in Western Colorado. Fruita or Grand Junction area, this is in Mesa county. His wife would have been Esther. There youngest which would be my father in law was Bill Mattson. He was not born until 1932 but he has two older sisters named Ruth & Wilma they may have been born by that date. He may have emmigrated but I don't have that many details yet, hopefully I can get them tomorrow.


02-02-06, 05:01
I found more info. His wife was Esther Louise Johnson born Dec 18, 1893 in Arcadia Nebraska. They may have wed in Salt Lake City, June 23 1922. I don't have any more on William Adolf, I have Esther family back to the 1700's they emmigrated from Kisa Ostergotland Sweden to Nebraska. I just need info on William if any one can help.


02-02-06, 06:16
I have a slight error in the information I first had, William's wife was Ruth Ulreka Johnson, Born 5/15/1891 Die 4/1/1967.

I also have found out that William was born in 1887 in Arcadia Sherman Nebraska. I want to find out his parents names and where they emmigrated from. So it appears I would better off with Census info from 1890 in Nebraska instead.


02-02-06, 18:28
Found on Ancestry.com 1900 Census State of Iowa, Polk County; Four Mile Township (taken June 16, 1900)

Mattson, Charles (Charley?) Head b. Feb. 1862 Sweden immigrated 1883 Coalminer
Mattson, Laura? Wife b. Jan. 1861 Sweden Immigrated 1886
Mattson, William Son b. ? 1890 10 yrs. old Nebraska
Mattson, Carol? Son b. Ovct. 1892 8 yrs. old Iowa
Mattson, Albert Son b. Sept. 1894 5 yrs. Iowa
Mattson, David Son b. May? 1896 4yrs. Iowa
Mattson, Emma Daughter b. Nov. 1897 2 yrs. Iowa
Mattson, Chsiance? Son b. Mar. 1899 1yr. Iowa

Hope this is who you are looking for.

Karen Norwillo
02-02-06, 19:28
I found a Ruth U Johnson in the SSDI, but that would have been her married name, not her birth name. She was born 29 May 1891 and died Oct 1967. I also found a Ruth U Johnson in the 1920 census, but she's married to an Arthur W Johnson. They live in Fairfield, Buena Vista, Iowa. I didn't find a Ruth Mattson with the dates given. Karen