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02-02-06, 19:50
greetings listers
i am seeking Kustaa Kallio b. Alahäharmä Ojala.
Finland 11 Feb 1875
who married Maria Ström b. abt 1876 Finland

they emmigrated in 1892 to Massachusetts USA
and settled in Fitchburg area
i believe they were married in Finland, but am note sure

if anyone has info about this couple
or family i would love to hear from you

thanks Kiovaa

02-02-06, 21:45
On Ancestry.com 1910 Census Massachusetts Middlesex County Lowell City taken April 20, 1910

Kallio, Kustaa Head 35 yrs. old widowed( M one time before) married:
immigrated in 1892 Finland Brass polisher
Kallio, Maria Wife (widowed, married one time before) 34 yrs. old
Kallio, Lempi Daughter 14 yrs. old Laundress in cotton mill born in Massachusetts
Kallio, Kustaa A. Son 12 yrs. old born in MA.
Kallio, Wieno? J. Son 9 yrs. old born in MA.
Kallio, Lauri? R. Son 9 yrs. old born in MA.
Kallio, Huuko J. Son 7 yrs. old born in MA.
Kallio, Walte? O. Son 5 yrs. old born in MA.
Kallio, Lanfree? Son 3 yrs. old born in MA.
Kallio, Arne? Aune? Son 9/12 old born in MA.

Hope this is what you need.

03-02-06, 01:49
Also found this record.

03-02-06, 01:56
Hope this works! Last message only showed half of what was there!

03-02-06, 05:57
hi Denise,
thanks very much for the info you provided.
i greatly appriciate it.

i was hoping to gain info from Finland
about this couple.

i do have them in massachusetts. with the children,
and some of thier families as they grew.

isnt it wonderfull what info the WWII
draft cards can show us, absolutely
amazing.. even the eye color and a signature!!

thanks very much

03-02-06, 16:55
I found Gustaf born 11.2.1875 to : Karl Gustaf Mattsson Kallio, and, Sanna Simonssdotter, age 30, in Alahärmä, on the Ojala Farm. The marriage records show that Karl married Susanna Simonssdotter Bergman on 20.8.1872. Gustaf(Kustaa) was their first born child, also, there was : Anna Amalia, born 29.4.1877, Sanna Maja. born 4.10.1879, and, Nikolai, born 20.6.1882.
As for Maria Ström, I found a Maria Amalia, born 10.10.1877, to: Jacob Johansson Strömback, and, Anna Vilhelmina Anderssdotter, in Kauhava, on the Perttula Farm.
I hope this is some of the information that you're looking for....