View Full Version : Locating an abandoned cemetery

June Pelo
29-09-03, 20:01
How do you locate an abandoned cemetery, one with no headstones, no markers, and no evidence at all of being a cemetery? You call in a witcher. A witcher is not a witch, and they are sometimes hired by genealogists. Witchers are people who search for water, minerals or other "disturbances" in the earth's magnetic lines. They are also called "dousers" and they use "divining rods" made of wood or copper.

A genealogy society in Iowa wanted to find a cemetery located at the former county poor farm. The exact location was lost over the years. So they decided to try witching. Holding rods made from wire clothes hangers or copper tubing, members of the genealogy society walked slowly across the ground. Within seconds, the sticks began to move until they crossed in front of the diviners, indicating a possible grave. The process was repeated several times, with different society members walking in different directions over the suspected grave sites. Each time, the rods moved at the same exact locations. (The article didn't mention whether any graves were dug up. I think they just wanted to know where the cemetery was located because they had a hunch, but no proof.)