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04-02-06, 04:31
I am down to reviewing Iron County and Marquette County.

I have found many new people and made corrections.

I anticipate completion of both counties by mid February.

Now when the new lists are up and you don't see your relative, it doesn't mean they are not to be found in the church books. Sometimes the secretary did not enter the parish of birth. It could be they didn't know that info or were planning to fill that in later on and never did get to that point so don't let the absence of your relatives on the list deter you. I have seen names that I wanted to add but I had to draw the line. The only time I did enter names with birth places unspecified was when the kids were born in Finland - that suggests mom and dad were there also:)
If you know of children born in that town in upper Michigan, chances are good that they were baptised in the church, had their kids confirmed, got married, and were buried from the church. Now if both parents were Finnish speaking, we have listings for the Finnish language churches in Crystal Falls and Champion. There are many other Finnish language churches but I have no access to them.

This should be a better listing as compared to the first version.


21-03-06, 06:19
Have you completed Houghton County?

Looking for info re: John Salo, b. abt 1865-1869. Supposedly from Calumet MI.
Met/Married Katarina (Katherine) Sofia Backman (maiden name Saukkola), widow immigrant from Oulu Finland, with 2 young children abt 1890-1893.
Born to them, in MI?, Frank Salo, abt 1894.
thanks for any information.

21-03-06, 08:05
A small test of the SweFin database (under construction) - only records from census 1900 and 1920 - none from Chuck's Michigan with that name yet....

Is there a match within these?

Salo John ca 1850 Finland Hancock Houghton Michigan Census 1900
Salo John ca 1867 Finland Laurium Houghton Michigan Census 1900
Salo John ca 1899 Finland Adams Houghton Michigan Census 1900
Salo V John ca 1883 Finland Torch Lake Houghton Michigan Census 1900
Salo John ca 1869 Finland Rock River Alger Michigan Census 1900
Salotta John ca 1896 Finland Munising Alger Michigan Census 1920
Salo John ca 1890 Finland Sault St.Marie Chippewa Michigan Census 1920
Salonen John O ca 1886 Finland Bessemer Gogebic Michigan Census 1920
Salo John ca 1880 Finland Carlson Gogebic Michigan Census 1920
Salo Kate ca 1877 Finland Hancock Ward 1 Houghton Michigan Census 1920
Salo Katie ca 1871 Finland Stanton Houghton Michigan Census 1920
Salo John ca 1881 Finland Ishpeming Marquette Michigan Census 1920
Salo John M ca 1879 Finland Richmond Marquette Michigan Census 1920
Salonen John ca 1882 Finland Interior Ontonagon Michigan Census 1920
Salo John ca 1880 Finland Highland Park Wayne Michigan Census 1920

21-03-06, 15:42
I'm curious about the Sault St Marie entry...only because that's where my Great Great grandmother supposedly entered thru, and (may have) met John Salo right there? The only other one I considered was Laurium as I seem to remember reading that may have been one of the neighboring communities to Calumet?

21-03-06, 17:57
Chippewa film is very short and no Salo people there. No Backlund either. You may want to check with the Finnish Heritage Center in Hancock, MI although the films there are technically inferior to what Swenson has. The archivist had told me that and when I went to look, he was more than correct. Maybe some gazillionaire Finnish speaking rich guy will fund filming of the Finnish language books for Hancock? Or woman with lots of raha would be ok too:)
On Hasse's list, I think I see copper miners, iron ore miners and loggers:)
Just based on those counties. I remember a story and don't recall what place but this Norwegian kid said he had to learn Finnish so he could have somebody to talk to.

21-03-06, 22:27
Another look at the Chippewa material gave also a Salo Joseph in the 1900 Census. All Salo's in that county:

Salo Joseph Sault St Marie Ward 3 Chippewa Michigan ca 1863 Finland
Salo Thomas Dafter Chippewa Michigan ca 1874 Finland
Salo Mary Dafter Chippewa Michigan ca 1881 Finland
Salo Enil E Dafter Chippewa Michigan ca 1897 Finland
Saloma Arvid Drummond Chippewa Michigan ca 1887 Finland
Saloma Minnie Drummond Chippewa Michigan ca 1899 Finland
Salo Gustia Drummond Chippewa Michigan ca 1891 Finland
Salo Lynford Drummond Chippewa Michigan ca 1884 Finland
Salo Mettie Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1876 Finland
Salo Anna Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1880 Finland
Salo Robert Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1910 Finland
Salo Millie Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1906 Finland
Salo Lebe Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1909 Finland
Salo Walter Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1913 Finland
Salo Axel Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1879 Finland
Salo Farrnie Rudyard Chippewa Michigan ca 1884 Finland
Salo Viner Sault Sainte Marie Chippewa Michigan ca 1893 Finland
Salo Ida Sault Sainte Marie Chippewa Michigan ca 1888 Finland
Salo John Sault Sainte Marie Chippewa Michigan ca 1890 Finland
Salo Hannah Sault Sainte Marie Chippewa Michigan ca 1893 Finland

21-03-06, 23:28
I don't know if widows daughter, name of Ida ever took the name Salo...or kept Backman until she married jack/jacob henry aka henricson Nahkala in Northern MN? Guess Ida Salo could have been a fairly common Finn name though?
Never found a marriage record for her in St Louis county/Virginia/Eveleth/Cherry township area either to know.
I think I'll try pursueing a couple of those leads and see if they get me anywhere though?

Karen Norwillo
23-03-06, 19:57
Found a Frank Adolph Salo born 23 May 1894 in Calumet, MI in the 1918 Draft Registration. He was 23, single, a general laborer in Cordova City, Alaska. Mother, no name, listed as dependant on him, physical disability, rupture.

1930 census in Cherry Twsp. St Louis, MN on Sherwood Rd

Salo, Frank A, 35, married at 27, born MI, parents born Finland, laborer road construction
wife, Sigrid J, 28, married at 21, born MN, parents born Finland
children, Eugene R, 6, born MN and Shirley F.R. 6/12, born MN.

Not sure if this is their son, but fits. Karen

Alice Finnerty
23-03-06, 23:56
There are alot of Swedes and Finns and
Swedish speaking Finns born and raise in Lower (the mitt) Michigan too. My Grandparent's came from Esse and Bennas and 7 children. Gram had 3 born in Hoxeyville Michigan 1 being my father:)
and I know Dad had many relatives,aunts uncles and cousins in the LP.
I just love this forum - I learn so much..Thanks Everyone

June Pelo
24-03-06, 02:57
I haven't been following this conversation, but I do remember there was a Saukko family in Ashland, WI who used the surname Tast. They originated in Nedervetil, Finland. Don't know if this has any bearing on Saukkola, but thought I'd mention it.


24-03-06, 07:34
16 Mattson, Hilda Gunnilla f. Tast Oct 16 1884 Nedervetil Apr 20 1906 em 1904

Hi June,
I found this Tast woman at Ashland but no Saukkola or Saukko - this was a Swedish speaking church.


Roberta Rae
24-03-06, 16:36

What is the Salo/Backman connection to Virginia/Eveleth/Cherry? Were they church people? Did they speak Finn? Tell us more.

I have connections to all three communities. Can I help in some way?:confused:

31-03-06, 18:28
Do you have any info in church records for these surnames? Or if I can access the records, please tell me how do do so.


01-04-06, 18:12
Thank you all!!
I'm sorry for the delay...kids school break here and took a vacation to visit my youngest brother who lives out of the country!

Yes...the info from Karen does match! Thank you!
Does it say more about his father, birth location, etc.... at all in that draft information? That may help me to try to trace back a bit? Too bad the mothers name was listed blank....I sure am having trouble filling in those blank spots here to get anywhere back!

RE: the question on the connection to Cherry township, etc...that is where most of my family seemed to settle in MN.

My Mom's paternal grandparents: Isak/Isaac Haanpaa (b.1-1 or 1-2-1880 Ilmajoki/Tuokikylla Finland and spouse Susonna/Sanna Katri Pihlaja, b. 11-28-1879. d. 2-7-1958, Cherry twnshp MN.

My Mom's maternal grandparents were Jack/Jacob/Jaakko Henry/Heikinpoika/o Nahkala ( b 4-30-1882 Revonlahti Finland, d. 2-10-1961, Eveleth MN) and spouse Ida Backman (b. 9-6-1887, oulu Finland, d. 7-25-1948 Saint Louis MN - Nohkala misspelled)

Ida Backman Nahkala was the immigrant daughter of Jack Backman and widow Katarina/Katherine Sofia Saukkola Backman Salo (3rd marriage = Erickson?)....who I'm trying to get information on to trace something back and can't seem to get anywhere!
Passport (9-23) 1901, Oulu???...Katarina, Ida and son Jack Backman??

Karen Norwillo
01-04-06, 21:43
Unfortunately, the WWI Draft Card doesn't give any other info than what I gave. I've tried to find the family in 1910 census, but so far no luck. I'll keep looking. Karen