View Full Version : Record cold weather

June Pelo
04-02-06, 19:06
Winter's cold record in Finland was 19 Jan in Pokka in Kittilä where the temp was -40.2° C. Pokka also holds the record for the coldest of all times in 1999 when it was -51.5° C. So while the US has a milder winter this year, Europe seems to have a colder winter.


05-02-06, 00:32
Certainly there is a positive to that info June. Their -40c is our -40f so much to be celebrating, eh?

I remember when in Martha's Cafe some guys would mutter about how cold it was so I would open the Register paper and see that the high in Fairbanks was to be -35f and low of -40f. Everybody warmed up after that:)