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04-02-06, 20:25

I'm looking for information about possible wife and/or children of Anders Larsson Storgård, b. 25.4.1838 in Edsevö, Pedersöre, died 9.10.1907. He was the son of Lars Johansson Storgård, b. 1798, d. 1866.

If he had children they may chain together missing parts of my database.

Christian Dahlin

Jaska Sarell
04-02-06, 21:08

There seems to be a marriage in Pedersöre between Anders Larsson Storgård and Anna Lovisa Johansdr Punsar on 30.12.1866.
HisKi finds 8 children between 1867 and 1882.
Mother's age fits with Anna Lovisa, born in Esse on 7.6.1840 (parents Johan Johansson Punsar and Brita Jakobsdotter Sparf).

Could this be the family?

:) Jaska

04-02-06, 23:17
The information looks good! I have Leander Andersson Storgård, b 17.12.1876, d. 16.5.1950 in Duluth who married Anna Lovisa Mattsdotter Kronkvist from Dalabäck b. 1.4.1879, d. 16.3.1939 in USA, Duluth.

Anna Lovisa was my grandmother's sister and I have been trying to find out her husband's ancestors.

Could you possibly verify that Leander was the children of Anders Larsson Storgård? I would also appreciate the names of the other children as well.


Jaska Sarell
05-02-06, 01:19

HisKi shows Leander's birthday as 14.12.1876, but certainly the same son.
You may well pick other children from HisKi yourself. Or didn't you know about it? :confused:
Pedersöre births are available until July 1905.
http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski?se (svenska)
http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski?fi (suomi)
http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski?en (English)

For some reason Anna Lovisa Kronqvist's birth is missing there.

:) Jaska

05-02-06, 11:45
Thank you Jaska!

I have never experienced HisKi features before so I am a little confused about how to do it.