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05-02-06, 19:22
I am looking for information on where the "ekonen" surname may have come from. There has been quite an extensive family tree done on the family but we don't know where the surename came from.

Listed below is when the surname comes in:

Tuomas Tuomaanpoika Ekonen (son of Tuomas Heikinpoika and Maria Matintytär) was born 08 March 1801 in Korpilahti, and died 23 May 1862. He married Maria (Maija) Yrjöntytär on 24 February 1822 in Puuppola, Korttajärvi #8, 1/3 Wasarajoki, Hietala.

The family has been traced further back to the following:

Tuomas Heikinpoika (son of Heikki Tuomaanpoika and Kaarina Sipintytär, descends from serg. Kasperi) was born 21 December 1767 in Luhanka, Tammijärvi, Mäkelä/Mönkölä farm, and died date unknown. He married Maria Matintytär on 02 September 1798 in Luhanka.


Heikki Tuomaanpoika was born 1715, and died 11 April 1782 in Luhanka. He married Kaarina Sipintytär, descends from serg. Kasperi on Abt. 1750, daughter of Kasperi.

I also know the connection to Kasperi on the daughters side at Monkola farm but would like to know information on Heikki Tuomaanpoika who was living as laborer at Monkola farm at the time he married Kaarina. We have no information on where he might have come from.

Any information on where the "ekonen" surname may have come from would be appreciated.


Todd Ekonen
Howell, MI. USA

06-02-06, 16:32
A farm named Ekonen is in the town of Jämsä, village of Kauhkiala. Korpilahti used to belong to Jämsä so I think thats' where the name came from. You will find the names of Ekonen farmers at

Ekonen farm seems to be in Korpilahti too.


07-02-06, 04:11
Harrysme - Thank you very much for the information. It looks like there could be a few possible sights that the farm was located?

Ekonen-Sihveri, Ekonen, Ekonen-Rajala, Ekonen-Pirttilahti, Ekonen-Pyymäki

or Kauhkiala, Ekonen

I have more information that states Tuomas Tuomaanpoika Ekonen was born in Oittila, Korpilahti. His father, Tuomas Henrikinpoika lived in croft of Tystlampi, Oittila, Korpilahti.

Looking at the farm owners from Kauhkiala, their names don't match but I assume that is most likely because we would have just worked on the farm and were not the owners.

Would the farms of different locations with the same "Ekonen" name be owned by the same person? Any thougths on where the name would have come from or mean?

Again, thank you very much.


Todd Ekonen

07-02-06, 17:52
A book " Finnish familynames" tells that names Ekola and Ekonen come from a mans name Eko (not used any longer). It is probably a short Finnish form from an ancient German name, maybe Echardus. According to the book there were 125 persons in Finland using the name Ekonen.

Farm names like Ekonen-Rajala came to use often when a farm was divided between siblings. Propably there was originally only one Ekonen farm in Korpilahti. The same name in Jämsä and Korpilahti may be just a coincidence, or maybe a farmers son from one of them had found himself a new home.

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07-02-06, 23:05
Thanks again harrysme, this is really fascinating.

Someone had mentioned before that it might have come from the name Ekola so this makes alot of sense that they both come from Eko.

Does the croft of Tystlampi bring any information into the picture since it says Toumaas' father lived on this farm in Oittila, Korpilahti?

I originally thought that the different farms in Korpilahti might have been from divided farms or siblings starting new farms. Is there any way to find out exactly where we picked up this surname with the information I have?

I may be able to spend a few days in Finland next month between business trips, what do you think the chances are for me to find this detailed information while there without being able to speak Finnish?

Thanks again for all your help, it is very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Todd Ekonen

08-02-06, 10:19
I am sorry, but can't se any connection between Tystlampi and Ekonen. You should follow the life of Tuomas and find out when the familyname came to use and where did he live then.

Survaying offices should be able to give you information about the history and location of farms. The best place is the Survaying office of Jyväskylä, the provincial capital of the area where Korpilahti is located. The Survaying office of Helsinki can propably help cuite a lot too. Have a look:



Opastinsilta 12 C (PL 86)
00521 Helsinki
Opastinsilta 12 K

0205 41 5100

0205 41 5170
0205 41 5222


Kankaankatu 17 (PL 56)
40101 Jyväskylä

0205 41 4710
0205 41 4711

0205 41 4799

You can have a look at the microcards of communion books at the National Archive:


PL 258
Rauhankatu 17
00171 Helsinki
Puh. (09) 228521
Fax (09) 176302
E-mail: kansallisarkisto*narc.fi