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June Pelo
29-09-03, 20:06
I have discovered I'm related to two new members, Leo Furu and Karl-Gustav Molander. We are now exchanging data. I previously had no knowledge of either of them and discovered links through the Finlander Forum!


A-M Löfdahl
30-09-03, 23:15
I have also found new relatives through the Finlander forum already!
I wrote to the member Freelund just because of the similarity in our names (my maiden name was Fridlund).
Now we have discovered that we aren´t related because of the Frilund/Fridlund name, but we have a common ancestor in Munsala, Back!!!


June Pelo
30-09-03, 23:47

Have you checked the surname list under the new Talko project to see if there are any other members with names that link to some names you have? Get a password from Hasse and take a look.