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05-02-06, 20:55

I just stumbled across this website. It may already have been found by somebody else - if so, delete it was extreme prejudice - rendition it. Hehe, I checked my dictionary as to that word.
This is what it gave me:
Rendition: It's after the French rendre) a. a performance or interpretation (of a piece of music, a role, etc). b. a translation or version. c. a surrender; giving up. I think "render" is what should be used in the media because that's more the definition. I wonder what the very last version could be: - after all, the last definition for rendition was employed so here it is: render, last definition in the book: 13.2 a first coat of plaster applied to brickwork, etc

EDIT: this is a great story so you must read it, or else:)
EDIT2: I recall when Peter Kivisto was just a new prof here at Augie (RI) - he gave a talk on 3rd generation Finns and spoke of Finns being either the church Finns or the socialist Finns. I think we were church Finns but I also recall something about the communists. Never followed up on that remark but wish I did. Did you know that Gus Hall of the Longshoremen Union was a Finn? Gus Hallinen.

June Pelo
05-02-06, 21:18
You can also read about it here.



05-02-06, 23:07
I was thinking that maybe June had that story linked but I thought, maybe she doesn't but no, she did:)

Well, this is a good reminder to ppl to read it.

Attention to sfhsers. There will be a snap quiz on this next year, maybe.