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06-02-06, 07:21
If you are looking for newspapers of the UP, Northern Michigan University at Marquette MI has these on microfilm but without indexes:

> Marquette
>>Mining Journal, 1846-present
>>Our Sunday Visitor, 1948-1971
>>Iron Ore, 1879-1955
>>Escanaba Tribune, 1869-1877
>>Escanaba Daily Mirror, 1906-1924
>>Gladstone Delta, 1886-1817
>>Iron Port, 1878-1898
>>Delta Reporter, 1917-1930
>>Munising Republican, 1898-1939
>Alger County Reporter, 1888-1891
>Iron Mountain
>>Daily Tribune, 1897-1899
>>Menominee Range, 1889-1891
>>Range Tribune, 1892-1898
>>Iron Mountain Press, 1897-1917
>St. Ignace
>>St. Ignace News and Democrat, 1887-1888
>>St. Ignace News, 1890-1897
>>St. Ignace Enterprise, 1913-1933, 1935-1959
>>St. Ignace Republican News, 1922-1932
>>Ironwood News-Recorder, 1913-1919
>>Ironwood Times, 1915-1920
>>Sunday Morning Star, 1890-1891
>>Weekly Tribune, 1893
>>Manistique Courier, 1896-1899
>>Schoolcraft County Pioneer, 1883-1886
>>Semi-Weekly Pioneer, 1888-1894, 1894-1895
>>Tri-Weekly Pioneer, 1892-1894
>>Manistique Tribune, 1896-1899
>>Manistique Pioneer-Tribune, 1899-1971
>>L'Anse Sentinel, 1890-1892
>>Cloverland Press, 1919-1942
>>Michigan Tech Lode, 1972-1983
>Courier Record, 1919-1920
>U.P. Catholic News, 1971-1980
Marquette Co. Circuit Court Naturalization Records, 1852-1971
>Declaration of Intent, 1852-1970
>Citizenship Certificates, 1872-1906
>Petition and Record, 1906-1970
>Application for Transfer of Petition, 1939-1970
>Court Orders, 1930-1971
Central UP & Northern Mich. Univ. Archives
126 Harden Learning Resources Center
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Marquette, MI 49855
telephone: 906-227-1225
email: archives*nmu.edu
url: www.nmu.edu/archives - unfortunately, some of the links from the website are not up at the present time so this listing is all you get for the moment. If it interests you, try the links and see which works. When I visited, I found the staff very helpful. I was able to get fotocopies of naturalization records.