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05-02-06, 12:04
Wanted information about my uncle Karl Nestor Brunolf Bergqvist
birth 9.12.1889 Lovisa, Finland Living in Buffalo and died there

08-02-06, 21:48
First Name: Carl Nestar
Last Name: Bergquist
Ethnicity: Sweden
Last Place of Residence:
Date of Arrival: Apr 09, 1894
Age at Arrival: 4y6m Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Amerika
Port of Departure: Copenhagen
Manifest Line Number: 0201

09-02-06, 09:40
Thanks!, but this is not correct. My uncle Karl Nestor Bergqvist
emigrate to USA via Toronto 9.6.1911 from England with
S/S Victorian of the Allan Line. Arriving date unknown.
Passport nr.1504
Start date from Finland 31.5.1911 to England with the ship
S/S Arcturus.
Best regards

09-02-06, 16:02
Have somebody information about these Swedish-Finns?
Photographer H. Forster, Detroit.
To right sitting my uncle Karl Nestor Bergqvist, born 9.12.1889
Lovisa Finland. Died in Buffalo,N.Y. 13.11.1943:confused:

William Dahlin
09-02-06, 17:40
Have searched and searched and have come up with no
results. Not even death records. Could Karl have gone by another name or took another name upon arrival in America.

Searched just by last name and did not have any luck. When
this happens his name could have been misspelled by the
census recorder.

09-02-06, 18:34
Arrival date for my uncle Karl Nestor Bergqvist is unknown, but
probable arrive via Toronto in the end of June-July 1911
I cannot say if Karl use another name as Johnson.

10-02-06, 01:06

This is a nice view of SS Victorian stuff. The Allan Line brought people to Quebec and Montreal. This happens to be for 1910 but it does support the idea that people didn't go as far as Toronto on the trans-Atlantic liner. The more likely event is that he would have transferred to a great lakes steamer to complete the voyage.
So what I am saying is that it's prudent to check Montreal as well.
Do you have any other information which would be helpful in doing a search? Was Buffalo NY his first destination?
EDIT - be sure to scroll down quite a ways because they have kept the center blank at the top. It's a real fooler:)

10-02-06, 09:05
Yes, I have a picture about this ship and Karl Bergqvist tickets
cost $ 47.
Toronto was Karl (Carl ? ) first destination.

25-06-06, 10:22
Probable my uncle Karl Bergqvist was registered in the census
1930 as Carl Johnson, Buffalo, N.Y. county Eire as roomer at the family Oscar Appelblom, wife Alli and their son Reino.
Probable relatives to Reino can identify this old Photo.