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10-02-06, 18:57
Can somebody give information about Gabriel Reinhold Blomqvist
birth 24.3.1883 Sandö, Lovisa, Finland. Study to become a
engineer. emigrate to USA, ( Portland?). Married in N.Y. with
Hilma Hansson from Bergs farm in Tessjö, Lovisa. She was
photografher. Son birth in USA, named Roy. Gabriel change
surname to Gabriel R. Brawn in 1902.
Roy Blomqvist or Brawn life probable in New Jersey after his
parents death.

William Dahlin
11-02-06, 18:10
World War I Draft Registration 1917-18

Gabriel Reinhold Blomquist
born: Mar 24, 1883 age 35

Nearest Relative Helen L. Blomquist
Bronx, New York

1920 Census Bronx New York

Grabill Blomquist
age 37
born abt 1883
born Finland
Bronx, New York
Engineer Factory

Hilma wife age 41

Roy son
age 7
at School

1930 Census Bergen New Jersey

Gabriel Bloomquist
age 47
born abt 1883
Born Finland
Spouse: Hilma
Home in 1930 Bergenfield, Bergen New Jersey
USA 1902
Stationary Engineer Laundry
Language Spoken Swedish
Age at lst marriage 27

Hilma wife
age 51
b. Finland abt 1879
Age at lst marriage 31
Language spoken- Swedish
USA 1902

Roy son
age 18
b. New York

Will try and find them in the 1910 census. Note the different
spellings of the name. Many errors occured when the census
was taken and misspelled names. Blomquist ,Bloomquist

Karen Norwillo
11-02-06, 18:23
I found your Blomquist family in the 1920 and 1930 census, still listed as Blomquist or Bloomquist.

1920 Bronx, NY District 6, 136 Zerega Ave

Blomquist, Grabill (Gabriel) 37, US 1900, nat 1908, Finland, engineer in a factory
Blomquist, Hilma, 41, Finland, US 1902
Blomquist, Roy, 7, NY

1930 Bergenfield, Bergen, NJ 82 Hickory Ave

Bloomquist, Gabriel, owns home, $7000, 47, married at 27, Finland, speaks Swedish, stationary engineer laundry
Hilma is 51, married at 31, Finland, Swedish
Roy is 18, NY

WWI Draft Card

Gabriel Reinhold Blomquist
March 24, 1883
wife Hilma 136 Zerega Ave Bronx, NY
grey eyes, black hair, med height and build. That's his physical description

Roy Blomquist
14 Jan 1912
Jan 1978 Deland, Volusia, FL
SS issued NJ

FL Death Index
Roy A Blomquist
3 Jan 1978 age 65 Volusia County
birth 14 Jan 1912

So it looks like they kept the Blomquist surname. Looks like Bill and were both searching.

Karen Norwillo
11-02-06, 18:34
Also found the family on Emigrant Register returning to New York in 1912. Must have been on a visit.
07.08.1912 Titania from Finland, 13.08.1912 Caronia from England
Gabriel R Blomqvist with his wife, Hilma L and son Roy Alvin.

12-02-06, 19:00
Thanks your all for searching about my mother's uncle Gabriel
Change of surname is a mystery, Gabriel wrote 1902 a letter to
his sister Laura in Finland: " Mitt namn är numera Gabriel Brawn,
så de kallar mig för Grabill".
Death date for Gabriel and Hilma are missing and Roy Blomqvist
died unmarried in Florida?:(

Karen Norwillo
12-02-06, 20:06
In doing more searching, I don't believe your Roy A Blomquist died single. On the FL Death Index, I also found a Roy A Blomquist, Jr, born 10 Dec 1934 and died 13 Apr 2000 in DeLeon Springs, Volusia, FL. There is also a Walter Roy Blomquist born 20 Jan 1943 and died 13 Apr 1978. US Veteran Cemeteries has a Roy A Blomquist Jr, SP5, US Army, 6502 SW 102nd Ave. Bushnell, FL 33513, born 10 Dec 1934, died 13 Apr 2000, service start date 17 Aug 1956, end date 18 Jul 1957, interment 16 May 2000 FL National Cemetery.
US Public Records has a listing for a Roy A Blomquist and wife in FL up to 2002. I'll send the specifics by PM as they are probably still living. Karen

13-02-06, 09:10

I am very:confused: Roy A. Blomqvist was probable born in
14. Jan. 1912 N.Y. and in your first pm are note: FL Death
Index Roy A. Blomqvist 3 Jan 1978 age 65 Volusia County
birth 14.Jan 1912.

Karen Norwillo
13-02-06, 21:42
Rollie, You misunderstood my message. I meant that the living Roy Blomquist is probably the son of Roy Jr and the grandson of Roy A born 1912. Karen

25-05-06, 20:22
Gabriel Blomquist are probable buried at Maple Grove Park
Cemetery, Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey, but the
death data is remarkably enough unknown!

Kaj Granlund
31-05-06, 01:20
ROllie if you want to see some mpre the obits can be very helpful Insome places there is a local historical society or the local papaers to ask. They can do the research for some fee. Even som of the public libraries can be helpful

Karen Norwillo
31-05-06, 21:50
The address for the Maple Grove Park Cemetery is 535 Hudson Street Hackensack, NJ 07601. Says searches can be done only by their employees. If you write, someone should be able to do a search for you. Phone is 201-440-1607.

Karen Norwillo
10-06-06, 20:40
Don't be discouraged if you haven't received a reply from the cemetery people yet, it may take several weeks to months. I've been waiting for a reply from a church in New Jersey for months.

03-10-08, 08:37
Now I have confirmed information about Gabriel
Blomquist date of death.
Gabriel Blomquist died March 26,1949 and buried
at George Washington Memorial Park in Paramus,
New Jersey on 29, 1949.
His wife Hilma died 2 days before Gabriel. Gabriel
died on the day Hilma was buried. He was buried 3 days later.
All information from Ancestry.com was incorrect.

Karen Norwillo
03-10-08, 16:29
Please tell us in what way all Ancestry info was incorrect. Was not the census info your family? Was the WWI Draft Reg not him? Was the FL info on his son Roy A not him? I know it's very possible there were more than 1 Roy A Blomquist in the US, but the birth date matched. I'd be interested. Karen

04-10-08, 11:31
In 25.5.2006 I am search for Gabriel Blomquist at
Ancestry.com New Jersey State Census Records
And the result: Blomquist, Ens, Gabriel Reinhold,
Sr. b. Mar.24.1883 d unknown
Maple Grove Park Cemetery.
The word Ens, means engineer?
I have now a photo from his gravestone in Paramus and have contact with widow to Roy
Alvin II.
All the orher information is correct.

Karen Norwillo
04-10-08, 16:26
Actually I doubt that Ens. means engineer. It probably means ensign, a naval title. I've never seen that abbreviation for engineer. Glad you found your Gabriel. My farfar's first name was Gabriel, a name I've always loved. Karen

Karen Norwillo
04-10-08, 17:10
I don't know if you found this, but here's the family's passport application from when they were returning for that 1912 visit to Finland. I put a correction on Ancestry for Gabriel's WWII Draft Reg where they interpreted his Mar as Nov for month of birth. It does look like both. The WWI is correct. Have a great day.

Karen Norwillo
04-10-08, 22:17
On Find A Grave, I searched for Blomquist and they have Hilma Hansson Blomquist buried in Maple Grove Park Cemetery. Date of birth 1879, but no date of death. This was submitted in 2006 by a Rolf Bergqvist. Unfortunately, Geo. Washington Memorial Park only has famous people listed as of now. So that's probably where Ancestry wrongly got the place of burial.

04-10-08, 22:26
Yes, I am glad to find my mother:s uncle Gabriel
grave stone, but I was sad to see all the forgotten
graves on the photo.
Thank you all for your help!

04-10-08, 22:32
Dear Karen!
Maple Park Grove Cemetery was wrong place
for Gabriel and Hilma. I must go to Find A grave
and delete this notice. I had delete the notice
for Gabriel, but forget Hilma.
Thanks again !