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11-02-06, 17:13
Looking after

Cecilia Hildegard Sundqvist, born Palm 1902-04-03 in Terjärv Finland, moved to US
1920(?) New York.
Married three times, first Sundqvist (b. Finland)
- second , with a Germany man
- third , with a Swedish man
Died 1990-1999(?) in Florida (?).

Thank for all help!
//kaj timren

11-02-06, 21:05
I think that this is her in 1930
I am not sure if you mean she was born 3-4-1902
or 4-3-1902
Here are Soc. Security deaths of both dates.

Name Family Members Home in 1930
(City,County,State) Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relation View Image

Andrew Sundquist Cecelia Sundquist Queens, Queens, NY abt 1896 Finland Head
Cecelia Sundquist Andrew Sundquist Queens, Queens, NY abt 1904 Wife
Andrew Sundquist Andrew Sundquist,
Cecelia Sundquist Queens, Queens, NY abt 1923 Son

Social Security Death Index Record
about Cecilia M. Eyre
Name: Cecilia M. Eyre
SSN: 550-30-8979
Last Residence: 95202 Stockton, San Joaquin, California, United States of America
Born: 3 Apr 1902
Died: 11 May 1993
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951 )

View Record Name Birth Date Death Date Last Residence
(City,County,State) Order Record

View Record Cecilia Bauman 4 Mar 1902 23 Aug 1988 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio
View Record Cecilia Goldman 4 Mar 1902 26 Mar 1999 Victoria, Victoria, Texas
View Record Cecilia Gosta 4 Mar 1902 Oct 1979 Punta Santiago, Humacao, Puerto Rico

11-02-06, 22:31
Hi Alicia,

Thank you for your help.
The birthday is 3rd April 1902, so I think you have find right Cecilia, but relatives in Finland called her Hildegard.

Can you find something more about her? .. my source said they have a son how died before his mother. Anderw (Anders) moved back to Finland.
We plan to visit US in July, to my relatives in Minneapolis and maybe other relatives in California.

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Have a nice weekend

D J Granlund
12-02-06, 00:12
The name Palm caught my eye. My mormor mor was Sophia Palm s. 25 Aug 1861 in the Kokkola area, k. 30 Sep 1919, Cromwell, Carlton,Minnesota. Is it possible there is a relation?

Karen Norwillo
12-02-06, 17:54
Found a Cecilia Hildegard Palm and her mother Hilda leaving Finland in 1904 on Emigrant Register passports. Cecilia born 1902 Teerijärvi, VAA and Hilda Cesilia Palm born 1878 issued passport 24.05.1904. Did not find them in the passenger list. So far have not found their arrival in the US. Karen

William Dahlin
12-02-06, 18:03
Additional Information 1930 Census

Andrew Sundquist
Age 34
Married at age 25
born: Finland F&M born Finland
Language spoken - Finish
USA 1912
Cook at Resturant

Cecelia wife age 26
born abt 1904
Married at age 18
born: Finland F&M from Finland
USA 1921

Andrew Jr. son Age 7 born abt 1923
born New York

Emele Hognes
Boarder age 42
USA 1929
born Finland
Language - Finish

USA 1940 Census records won't be released until 2012

Cecilia Mary Eyre born 3 Apr 1902 shows birth place as California
and your Cecelia wife of Andrew was born Finland. ?

Karen Norwillo
12-02-06, 18:37
Found in HisKi cemetery, Tererijärvi

Matts 24.12.1872-2.5.1949
Cecilia 13.4.1878-27.2.1962
Rude 15.11.1916-14.3.1946
Matts Henry 28.9.1915-1.8.1979 Aili f. Österholm 17.10.1921-

Also, found a passport issued to a Matts Mattsson Palm, born 1872, from Alaveteli, VAA, 23.05.1894. Again, could not find him in the passenger lists. Looks like the family did not stay in the US. Maybe that's why I can't find them in the 1910 census if they returned before that. Probably Cecilia returned at that later date.

June Pelo
12-02-06, 18:59
I have some information about Matts Leander Abrahamsson Skog, b. 24 Dec 1872, Nedervetil, d. 2 May 1949, Terjärv. He had a brother Henrik Viktor who died 1898 in the US.

Matts Leander married 20 Sep 1901 to Hilda Cecilia Mattsdotter Bredbacka, 1878-1962. They moved to Terjärv 1902. They had 4 children, one of whom was Cecilia Hildegard, b. 29 Apr 1902.

All of this data is found in Talko. The person who gave me this data didn't indicate that any of the family went to America. He also showed the family used the name Skog.


June Pelo
12-02-06, 19:11

You said your mormor was Sophia Palm, b. 25 Aug 1861, near Karleby. Was she Maria Sofia Andersdotter Skog, b. 5 Aug 1861 in Nedervetil to Anders Andersson Skog and Maria Mattsdotter Pelo? They had 4 children: Greta Sofia, 1856; Anders Arvid, 1858; Maria Sofia 1861; Gustaf Viktor, 1863.

Anders Andersson Skog's farfar was Anders Andersson Palm, 1782-1831. If you want more info. I have a book listing everyone born in Nedervetil 1725-1906.


Karen Norwillo
12-02-06, 19:12
Success, found Cecilia Palm's arrival at Ellis Island on 6 Mar 1922
Palm, Cecilia
Terijarvi, Finland
18, female, single
SS Stockholm from Gothenburg, Sweden

manifest line 24
Palm, Cecilia, 18, dressmaker, speaks Swedish, can read and write, paid passage self, $25, says never in US before, going to friend Alexander Forss, 924 Summit Ave. Bronx, NY. 5'2", fair, blond, blue eyes, father Matts Palm, Terijärvi.

Looks like maybe they never used those passports or she was too young to remember and they never told her. Strange both father and mother would get passports and never use them. Did that happen often? Karen

Göran Cainberg
12-02-06, 22:52
Anders Andersson (Skog) Palm and Maria Mattsdotter Pelo had 6 children. The four June listed and also Alexander b. 12.11.1865 (Marian Johnsons Grandfather (morfar)) and Otto b. 1872.

Hildegards grandmother (farmor) was Maria Sofia Henriksdotter Palm. Hildegard is related to e.g. Otto Alarik Jakobsson Palm and Johan Uno Jakobsson Palm (both emigrated to Am).

Göran Cainberg

June Pelo
12-02-06, 23:44
Anders Andersson Skog-Palm and wife Maria Mattsdotter Pelo's son Anders Arvid went to Ludington, MI and married my farmors sister. His brother Gustav Victor also went to Ludington and became a shoemaker.

Göran, I remember Johan Uno and his wife Senni. They were a kind and gentle couple and when we visited each other we had so much fun. Otto Alarik married Anna Lydia Prest, one of my farmors små cousins.


D J Granlund
12-02-06, 23:56
I don't know about the Skog part. My mormor mor has listed on her death cert b. 25 Aug 1861 (not 05 Aug 1861) and her father is listed as Antti (Anders) from Alavela (probably a misspelling of Alaveteli). I'm hoping someone can bring this into focus. I haven't found Sophia in the usual sources.

June Pelo
13-02-06, 02:55

Palm was previously called Skog - it is located in Överby near Viitavesi where my cousin lives. Alavateli is the Finnish name for Nedervetil.

I don't have access to the church record for Sofia, but in several places she is listed as Maria Sofia Andersdotter Skog-Palm, b. 5 Aug 1861 in Nedervetil to Anders Andersson Skog and his wife Maria Mattsdotter Pelo. I think we all agree that people sometimes are mistaken as to their exact birthdate and it can differ from what church records show. I can put together an ahnentafel for you showing Sofia's ancestry. HisKi data for Nedervetil ends at 1855, but I have the book which includes data up to 1906. I also have a copy of the Skog family book. Do you know anything about Sofia's siblings?

Göran Cainberg mentioned Alexander, who was Sofia's brother. His daughter Maria Johanna came to the US and was married in Duluth in 1916 to Viktor Erik Dahlqvist. Their daughter Marion Johnson visited Finland several years ago.

Emma's brother Anders Arvid emigrated to Ludington, MI and married my grandmother's sister. The two sisters lived a short distance apart. Anders owned a furniture store and I remember playing there as a child when we visited the family. Two of Anders' sons were Lutheran ministers and two of his daughters were school teachers.


Art Fors
13-04-06, 07:03
Hello Kaj,

This may be the Hildegard you're looking for.

Social Security Death Index Record

Name: Hildegard Kessler
SSN: 084-01-1054
Last Residence: 34113 Naples, Collier, Florida, United States of America
Born: 3 Apr 1902
Died: 15 Sep 1999
State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Before 1951)