View Full Version : be proud of Finnish Winter!!!

12-02-06, 21:04
br, Juha

+15 C:

Spanish people are using gloves, quilted jackets and caps
Finns are sunbathing

+10 C:

French people are trying to turn on the central heating (without success)
Finns are planting flowers

+5 C:
Italian cars wont works
Finns are driving with cabriolets

0 C:

Clean water freezes
The water in the River Vantaa turns a little bit thicker

-5 C:

Police will found the first dead people in Californa
Finns are just about ending their MidSummer parties

-10 C :

Scotchs are turning on the central heating
Finns will begin to use longsleeves shirts

-20 C :

Swedish decide to stay indoors
Finns are barbequeing the last time in this season

-30 C :

Half of Greeks are freezing to death
Finns are just about starting to dry laundry indoors

-40 C :

Fake Santa Claus is moving to South
The Finnish army call of the winter camp due the high temperatures

-50 C :

Danish people are losing their denture
Finns stay indoors and watch telly

-60 C :

Polar bears will evacuate the North Pole
The Finnish army starts its annual winter camp

-70 C :

Siberians will move to Moscow
Finns are saying "Perkele" because they cant anymore store Koskenkorva bottles outside

-273 C :

Absolute zero

Finns are saying "Perkele, its cold outside"

-300 C :

Hell freezes over
Finland wins Eurovision song contest!