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30-08-03, 23:12
...hope for more to come.

Shirley King
01-09-03, 00:50
This is Shirley King. I live in Northeastern Nevada and am third generation Finlander Swede. My ancesters come from Bennäs and Jossgårk in Osterbothnia. Since I have joined in the Finlander group I have met some wonderful friendsand relatives!! and recieved a great deal of help with my geneology. I am interested in the current affairs happening in Finland. It would be great to visit there someday!!

02-09-03, 15:59
Hello from sunny (and HOT) California. I think the new separate forum idea is a good one. It will beat having a mailbox full of conversation to sort through. Very good idea. I may re-register since my main hope when I first entered the Finlander was to do some geneaology. But now I may get to visit Finland someday also. May have to add Norway to that for my husband!!!

Shirley King
02-09-03, 16:37
But ........who are you?:confused:

02-09-03, 17:49
Hi all !
My name is Bert Lindvall and I´m born in Nykarleby lkm Ytterjeppo for about 54 years ago.I have genealogy as a hobby since around 5 year back.Another hobby is photography and I like old photos who let us see something backwards from our ancestors days.I live in Kållby Dalabäck,nowadays a willage in Pedersöre.I´m working at ESSE ELEKTRO-KRAFT AB in Esse.I think this new system at Finlanders list will be great if we all will use this all possibilitys.Best whishes , Bert

02-09-03, 18:30
I am Vern Lindquist. My maternal grandparents, Alex Koll and Hannah Lillquist, were from Pedersöre. My father was from Ringarum, Sweden. I have been working casually in my family's genealogy for 20 years and Finlander has given me the largest encouragement and rewards in my hobby. It is very exciting to have met so many friends and family. My wife and I have been to Finland and Sweden 3 times over the last 12 years and hope to return again. I really enjoy email correspondence and research. I enjoy the study of the history surrounding the times and places of my ancestors. My wife and I are always seeking printed music for the traditional scandinavian music as we play accordian and other instruments and love to share the music with others. We enjoy learning about the customs, cooking and other traditions of our family.

04-09-03, 19:06
Hi everyone. My name's Caren and I'm from New York. I've been researching my genealogy for the last 3 years or so and recently began the search on my mother's paternal side. Within a few days, I was contacted by Bert, who I learned is a cousin of mine! He's been able to provide me with a lot of information on my ancestors as well as photos! We plan to surprise my grandfather with everything I'm learning on his 80th birthday this December!

It's been exciting learning about everything. I'm hoping someday my husband and I are able to visit Finland (and Norway!).

04-09-03, 22:38
Hi Caren !
Nice to see you at the Finlander Forum.Hope you like it and find some interesting for you here. Greetings: Bert

Shirley King
05-09-03, 01:08
Bert is a wonderful friend who has helped me out with so much information! This is the place to be if you want to find out stuff. Bert, Hasse, June, Jaska, Alisha, Midge-and many others are just loaded with good "stuff" Welcome

20-09-03, 17:46
Dear listers,
Hi! A big thank you to Hasse for masterminding this tremendous service. When SFHS started out with an 8 kb website we never dreamed of the possibilities. It took Hasse to enable the powerful connections between family researchers and those interested in Finland's Swedish culture. I look forward to perusing all the segments with your questions and answers. Fascinating! And once in a while I can put in 2 cents worth.
Best regards,
Syrene Forsman, president