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Elaine Goren
13-02-06, 20:45
Hi everyone! What a great forum. I've been reading the postings here and I am amazed at how helpful everyone is. I have 4 Swedish grandparents. 3 from Sweden and one from Finland. She was Ida Amalia Johansdotter Berg born in Solf 11 June 1876. She emigrated to NYC in July 1892 and died there in March 1966. Her father was Johan Erik Gustafsson Berg born in Solf 21 Sept. 1835 and her mother was Lovisa Johan Israelsdotter Elg born in Malax 25 Sept. 1832. With the help of a distant cousin from Solf I have been able to go back to the 1600s with some lines. Now I have to figure out how to make a Gedcom so I can submit that :-) Thanks to June and Syrene for steering me here.

June Pelo
13-02-06, 22:33
Hi Elaine - glad that you've joined us. We have a lot of helpful members. As for a GedCom perhaps Hasse can help you prepare one - depending on what genealogy program you have.


14-02-06, 07:43
Hi Elaine and welcome to sfhs,

This is a good place for learning more about your SF relatives - do you have everything about the relatives who came here from Sweden?
If not, I have free access to the Swenson Swedish Center here in town with it's films of Swedish church records etc.
Here's their website, check it out:

Elaine Goren
14-02-06, 21:11
Thanks for the welcome June. And thanks Chuck for the offer. I have a lot of info on my Swedes in NY, but maybe you can help solve one mystery. The family belonged to the Messiah Lutheran Church which I think was in the Bronx. They also subscribed to the newspaper "Nordstsjernan". My grandmother's sister Helga Maria Seadale/Sjödal nee Lindqvist born April 1881 in Helsingborg died 8 Sept. 1910 in White Plains (Westchester County, NY). She was buried that same day in White Plains and then reinterred in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx on 22 March 1923. She died of tb--were there any laws that tb patients had to be buried right away? I am wondering if there are any church records that might shed some light on this? I also would like to find an obit for her and for my grandfather, Lars Peter Otterberg who died on 18 Jan. 1932 in the Bronx.
Thanks again, Elaine

16-02-06, 00:31
I looked into church records for both the Mt Vernon and White Plains churches but nothing turned up. White Plains church funerals lists began with 1917 so nothing there. The MV church began earlier but nothing there.

So I found nothing for Maria

BUT, I had great good fortune and found Lars Peter Otterberg in Nordstjernan of New York, 21 January 1932, page 16 so just give me a PM with your postal address and I will mail this copy. Don't put your mailing address online here. Great that you knew of that Swedish newspaper.
I'd never seen a parish by name of Råå so a good help if you are going for stuff in Sweden.

As to TB rules, that's a civil matter so somebody else here can handle that with an online search.