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18-02-06, 05:21
I've been researching my family history since 1983 and have found many many new cousins in Canada, US and Finland.

I'm focusing on the Finn names of Halinen, Kokkonen and Laari.

18-02-06, 05:36
Hello from Tacoma, Washington. My maiden name was Halinen and now I am curious as to how we might be connected. You are welcome to contact me privately using the email address posted on the MEMBERS link, above.

Debbie Halinen Santelli

18-02-06, 23:56
The father of my first cousins was Heikki Halinen. They grew up in South River Ontario and are now scattered around Ontario. I have some limited info on Heikki but more on the cousins. If you think there is a connection, I will be happy to provide additional names and addresses via email.

21-02-06, 05:12
The Finnish Canadian Historical Society in Sudbury has the following names in their database.

Surname Given Date of Death

KOKKONEN Aaplio ? 12-Oct-1938
KOKKONEN Eva Liisa 12-May-1929
KOKKONEN John 26-Feb-1958
KOKKONEN-RIPATT Hilma 8-Aug-1971

Surname Maiden Given

SIRKKA (KOKKONEN) Fanny Augusta 23-Oct-1968 b. Jan 11 1883 Savonlinna

LAARI (KOIVISTO) Lili Kyllikki 28-Dec-2005 b. 83 yrs Kurikka

An obituary is available for Lili Laari. If interested in a copy contact me privately through the members list.

27-02-06, 06:21
Hilma Ripatti is my greatgrandmothers sister and she did indeed live in the Sudbury area....although Kirkland lake is probably the place where she passes away...

thanks for the info and I did send you a pm....