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19-02-06, 07:18
My 4th Great-Grandparents MATTS KOCKO and SOPHIA ALBERTINA, married 16 FEB 1806 in Pudasjarvi, Finland

they had the following children:

JOHAN FREDRIK KOCKO m 16 JUL 1812 in Pudasjarvi (d. April 12, 1867, Pudasjarvi)
ALBERTINA KOCKO f 27 DEC 1814 in Pudasjarvi
ABRAHAM KOCKO m 11 JAN 1817 in Pudasjarvi
ANNA BEATA KOCKO f 21 FEB 1819 in Pudasjarvi

A Matts Kocko and wife Sophia had the following children (probably the same couple):

ISAAC KOCKO m 20 NOV 1821 in Pudasjarvi
ERIK CONRAD KOCKO m 1 FEB 1824 in Pudasjarvi
SOPHIA GUSTAVA KOCKO f 10 FEB 1829 in Pudasjarvi

My 3rd Great-Grandparents JOHAN FREDRIK KOCKO and Greta Wäärälä (b. 23 FEB 1821, in Pudasjarvi. d. June 07, 1890, in

Finland), married 2 NOV 1840 in Pudasjarvi, Finland

they had the following children:

Johan KOKKO m 23 OCT 1841 in Pudasjarvi
Axel Conrad KOKKO m 24 NOV 1847 in Pudasjarvi
Maria Gustava KOKKO f 29 MAR 1851 in Pudasjarvi
Charles JOHNSON m 23 MAY 1854 in Pudasjarvi (d. September 30, 1928, Brule, Wisconsin, USA)
Hilda Sofia KOKKO f 19 OCT 1860 in Pudasjarvi

My 2nd Great-Grandparents Charles JOHNSON and Elsa Maria Valitala (b. November 1868, in Pudasjarvi. d. January 14, 1921 in

Wisconsin), married Abt. 1885 in Michigan, USA

they had 6 children, one of which is my Great-Grandmother Alma Johnson (b. September 26, 1898 in Brule, Wisconsin, USA. d.

June 05, 1938 in Superior, Wisconsin, USA). Alma married John William Johnson (b. 24 JULY 1891 in Pudasjarvi. d. April 04,

1944 in Superior, Wisconsin, USA) in Brule, Wisconsin, USA.

Any information not listed concerning the Kocko/Kokko line is unknown to me. The family history of Sophia Albertina and

Greta Wäärälä are not known.

I also have no further information on my Great-Grandfather, John William Johnson.

Thanks for any help!


Paivi T
20-02-06, 13:58
Mike, you might try your luck and see if you can find information online at


Select Church Records > P > Pudasjärvi

There's one communion book (Rippikirja), and quite a few birth & baptism records (Syntyneiden ja kastettujen luettelot), marriage records (Vihityt) and death & burial records (Kuolleet ja haudatut).

Good luck!

Päivi T

21-02-06, 05:33
The Finnish Canadian Historical Society in Sudbury, Ontario has the following in its database.

Surname Given Death Date

PALO-KOKKO Eero Matias d. 17-Aug-1979 b. Jan 14 1934 Kauhajoki

KOKKO Eero Olavi d. 14-Jul-2003
KOKKO Erkki Johannes d. 6-Jul-1961 b. Aug 2 1922 Tohmajärvi

KOKKO John d. 27-Dec-1962 b. Dec 25 1900

KOKKO Wäinö d. ???

Obituaries available for Eero Olavi (in English) and Erkki Johannes ( in Finnish) If interested in a copy, contact me privately through members list.

05-03-06, 00:42
Hello Mike!
Guess what - we are relatives, Sophia and Matti Kokko are also my 4. (?) great grandparents, my mothers family name was Kokko before she married my father and she was born in Pudasjärvi in a willage called Kokkokylä (Kokko-village). and Pudasjärvi used to be familiar to me because my grandparents, cousins and uncles lived there.
My roots come from Erik Conrad Kokko, who married 22.7.1847 Elsa Andersdr Sarajärvi (s. 4.3.1822 Pudasj., k. 19.7.1865). Erik d. 9.12.1900 and had later two wives more, Brita Maria Mursu and later Elsa Illikainen).
Erik and Elsa (the first one) had a son (the only one I have some information of) Erik August Eriksson Kokko b. 4.7.1848 Pudasjärvi, d. 17.2.1908, married 5.1.1878 Beata Karoliina Henriksdr Jaakola, b.17.3.1855 Pudasjärvi (don't know when died but much later than Erik, because my mother remembered her).
The had 9 children:
Abram (Aappo) Aukusti Kokko 6.6.1878-8.7.1967 Pudasj. (spouse
anna Sophia Holappa 7.1.1884 Utajärvi, d.13.5.1975 Pudasj.
Selma Kokko 27.12.1879-31.5.1926
(Juho Liekola)
Kustaa Kokko, s. 28.8.1881, d.24.12.1963 Pudasj. marr. 8.10.1904 Eeva Karoliina Mäntykenttä s. 18.4.1882 Pudasj., d. 29.3.1965 (my grandparents!)
Amanda Kokko, b. 13.1.1883, d. 13.3.1957 (husb. Matti Holek Lainas)
Kalle Kokko (1912 Lepistö), b. 16.4.1884, d. 1.3.1970 Ranua, marr. 29.11.1916 Aino Augusta Kokko
Valpuri Kokko, b. 9.2.1886, d.30.3.1914 (husband Olli Hiltula)
Eevert (Eepi) Kokko, b. 11.5.1887, d. in Ranua about 1970 ?, marr. Hilda Sophia Koivukangas, b. 19.1.1889
Aksel Arvid (Arvi) Kokko, b. 11.5.1895, d. 13.11.1971 Ranua, wife Eevi Merkkiniemi b. 8.2.1914
Jenny Elmiina Kokko, b. 27.12.1896, d.?, spouse Ahti Nampa

Kustaa and Eeva had 11 children, two of them still living, one in Tampere the other in Rovaniemi.

More information of Kokko family in my cousins home pages, but only in Finnish:

Sophia albertina married 22.3.1835 Pehr Sarajärvi, also a widow.
Mattis parents were Matti Kocko, b. 29.12.1751 Kiiminki, d. 23.12.1809 Pudasjärvi, Kollajankylä, marr. 11.12.1774 Anna Jacobsdr. Säkkinen, s. 24.6.1742 Pudasjärvi, d. 8.4.1799. They had other children at least Anders 26.1.1781 and Margareta 27.4.1783. Margareta propably married 19.7.1807 Erik Erikss. Piri.

cousin Maire

06-03-06, 06:58
Our cousin Lori has put a lot of Johan Fredrik Kocko's decendants on rootsweb at


The website is gold! I've sent you an e-mail so we can learn more about our family.