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19-02-06, 10:28
This time I’m looking after:

Karl Hugo BREDBACKA , (b. 9 August 1880) in Terjär, Finland
(d. ?) in USA.
Wife .. Hilma , ( b. ? 1883) in Malax, Finland
(d. ?) in USA
- son (?)

Lovisa Eriksdotter KLÄRK, (b. Nygård / Antbrams 2 July 1879) in Rökiö, Vörå, Finland.
(d. 25 April 1921) in USA
Husband .. Erik Johansson KLÄRK, ( b. 5 February 1871) in Vörå, Finland,
(d. 4 Juni 1929) in USA

Best regards
Kaj Timrén

Karen Norwillo
19-02-06, 18:03
Kaj, I found an Erik and Louisa Clark in the 1900 Census in Bingham, St Lake, UT

Clark, Erik, born March 1871, 29, Finland, US 1891, in US 9 yrs, copper miner
Clark, Lovisa, born Oct 1879, 20, Finland, US 1899, in US 1 yr
The months of birth differ from yours.

1920 Census Bessemer, Gogebic, MI

Clark, Erich, 48, Finland, this time says US 1890, laborer iron mine
Clark, Louise, 40, Finland, US 1895
Clark, George, 16, MI, laborer iron mine
Clark, Leonard, 12, MI

I found an Erich Clark in the Gogebic Range genealogy site obit list, but his date of death is 24 June 1929. No Lovisa or Louisa or Louise Clark.

Karen Norwillo
19-02-06, 18:28
Karl Hugo Bredbacka, 1880, Karl Viktor Bredbacka, 1871 and Gustaf Gideon Bredbacka, 1879 all travelled on same passport granted 21.04.1899. They are not on the Passenger List on Migration Institute. Going to Amerika from Teerijärvi. Karen

June Pelo
19-02-06, 21:48
Karl Viktor, b. 1871, was married in 1896, Terjärv, but no indication that he went to America. Karl Hugo, b. 1880, was married to a Hilma from Malax and they had a son - Karl d. in America. Gustaf Gideon, b. 1879, went to America and d. 1915 in NY. His wife and Karl Viktor's wife were sisters. The three men were cousins.


20-02-06, 08:37
Thanks Karen and June,

My wife and I plan a travel to US next summer. Visiting relatives in Minneapolis and maybe also in California. I’m have find my second cousins there. In October 2004
Ed (my father’s cousin) and daughter Karin visit us in Sweden and Finland. It was the first time Ed was here, 85 yeas old. We look forward to met them again.


28-10-13, 18:16
I have been working on my family tree and I would love to make connections to any family back in Finland and Sweden for information about the family history on that side! I know that this post is old but I hope someone sees it.

June Pelo
28-10-13, 20:25
Welcome to Finlander. I just want to get this clear: Are you referring to Eric Johansson Clärk/Clark, b. 5 Feb 1871 in Vörå, d. 1929 in US.. married 1899 to Louisa Eriksdotter Nygård-Antbrams, b. 2 Jul 1870, Vörå, d. 1921 in US? They had two sons, names not shown. This data was posted on the Talko database by Henrik Mångs in Finland. If this is the family you're related to, then you could contact Henrik for more information. You could try sending him a private message... he may not check Finlander Forum very frequently to see your posting otherwise.

29-10-13, 06:30
Thank you for your response!

Yes, the records that Karen mentions in previous posts are the same information I have. Their names change a little sometimes (Eric, Erick, Lovisa, Louise, Clark, Clarke) and birthdays are a little different than you write, but I believe them to be the same people.

Before moving to Michigan in the United States and having two sons, they lived in Utah. In Utah they got married and had a daughter Josephine and then after moving to Michigan they had two sons (Goerge and Lenard). This is why Josephine does not appear in the 1920 Census as she has already moved out and married Theodore Niemi. I will send Henric a message.