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20-02-06, 19:07
This may be asking a lot, but can somebody please try to translate the attached church record for the birth of Maria, Oct 22, 1809 in Pudasjarvi. I'm hoping this is my 3rd Great-GrandAunt. The text might shed some light on her parents, who all I have is names and a marriage date.

I found her older brother also, and I will post that image in a few minutes.

Thank you for any help, and your time,


20-02-06, 19:14
Attached is an image of the birth record for a Carl Gustaf. He has the same birthdate and parents first names as my 3rd Great-GrandUncle. As with Maria's, I would greatly appreciate any translation of the text.

The Carl Gustaf, and Maria, I am looking for have parents named Matts Kocko and Sophia Albertina.

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Jaska Sarell
21-02-06, 15:34
There's not much to translate. Name of father and mother and child, followed by names of godparents. The latter may help sometimes, but then you should have a good general knowledge of the local people.

Maria got emergency baptism by Matts Mattsson Ikonen, later confirmed by assistant vicar Ephraim Wilhelm Snellman. Martahaara and Ikonen names are included as godparents.
Carl Gustaf's godparents include dean Johan Frosterus and his wife Anna Beata Humble, and probably their daughter Susanna Ulrica Frosterus, other surnames difficult to decipher without knowing Pudasjärvi.

Sophia Albertina is said have been 20 years old when Carl Gustaf was born - may be a close approximation.

:) Jaska

21-02-06, 18:10
Thank you Jaska!

Every little bit helps.