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20-02-06, 19:39
My 4th Great-Grandmother, Sophia Albertina, has the word "Altin" after her name in at least one HisKi entries.

The online translator at


says that Altin means:

apt, sensitive, inclined, liable, susceptible, accessible, responsive, predisposed, open, prompt, subject

What does Altin mean in this case?



Gita Wiklund
20-02-06, 20:27
I shouldn´t trust very much in that translator. In this case Altin is a last name/ family name without any obvious meaning (at least not to me). This family name is found in both Sweden and Finland and I believe it is a swedish name rather than a finnish.

But I´ll put out a question on the Rötter site, perhaps someone somewhere knows more.


20-02-06, 22:28
Thank you Gita.

Altin only came up as a last name twice in the HisKi project for Pudasjarvi, both for Sophia Albertina. I'd love to hear anything you find from your further post.


Gita Wiklund
08-04-06, 21:40
I did post the question on Rötter as I said I would but...noone has answered so far. Just wanted to tell you that.