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21-02-06, 19:38
looking for my fathers uncle Matti (Matteus) Karjanmaa from Kurikka. He left for Amerika in 1907 but nobody knows if it was USA or Canada. He was born 1877 in Kauhajoki Finland. also his daughter Auli (married OJALA) died in Thunder Bay Canada, born nov 1904 in Kurikka Finland. I'm actually looking for Aulis decendants (if any) They would be my second cousins.

William Dahlin
02-03-06, 00:28

I have not had any luck with finding any information on
Matti Karjanmaa - No Matches for Mich
Matti Karjanmaa - No matches all states
Matt Karja - Birth dates don't match
Matt Karjanmaa - No matches
Kajanen - No matches

Wish I could find some information but who knows how the
census taker wrote down his name. If his name was spelled
correctly it should come up. This is from Ancestry.com web

03-03-06, 20:57
Thanks for the effort. Yeah, I know, he seems like a hard man to find, yet I know he was over there somewhere because my father got word of his passing away. But as you say, who knows how that name ended up in spelling. Janet

05-03-06, 00:58
Hi Janet,
Here are some links which may be helpful
Lakehead University Finnish-Canadian Library and Archival holdings

Article at Gen Soc of Finland


Finnish Canadian Historical Society

http://my.tbaytel.net/bmartin/sitemap.htm Bill Martins main index

Article on Finland Swedes in Canada at Institute of Magration

Online book Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada


13-03-06, 19:14
Thanks Jeanette for the hints. I'll see what turns up!

Art Fors
26-04-06, 06:03
Hello Janet,

This is what I found from the Institute of Migration, passenger records. No passport record information was available. I'll try to find out more.

Last name: Karjanmaa
First names: Auli
Age or age group: 19
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Port Arthur
State of destination: ON
Country of destination: CDN
Price of ticket: USD 131
Ship from Finland: Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland: 03.07.1924
Ship from England: Montroyal
Date of departure from England: 11.07.1924
Ocean Line: C.P.O.S. Line
Port of departure in England: Liverpool
List and page: 120/42
Remarks *


Art Fors
26-04-06, 06:36
Hello Janet,

Here is a list of Ojalas buried in the Riverside Cemetery (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~jmitchell/riverside.html) located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Now to figure out Auli's husband.

Ojala, Auli April 27, 1987 age 82
Ojala, Darcy Dec 8, 1971
Ojala, Denise Elizabeth Sept 27, 1956
Ojala, Eero Oct 13, 1955
Ojala, Eino Mar 16, 1970
Ojala, Emmi 1901-1967
Ojala, Hjalmar 1895-1966
Ojala, John Jaakko 1899-May 29, 1968
Ojala, Joseph Nov 2, 1980
Ojala, Unto "Blondie" July 11, 1976


Art Fors
27-04-06, 01:23
Hello Janet,

Here are the obituaries of two Ojalas buried in Riverside Cemetery, Thunder Bay (Port Arthur/Fort William), Ontario, Canada.

Ojala, Denise Elizabeth
Mon 1 Oct 1956 Fort William Daily Times Journal
Funeral services for baby Denise Elizabeth Ojala, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eino Ojala, of South Empire Avenue, Port Arthur, who died Wednesday were held at 11 a.m. Saturday from the Everest Home to Riverside Cemetery. Rev. J.W. Sippola, of Finnish National Evangelical Lutheran Church officiated. Two Finnish hymns were sung. Pallbearers were John Garland, Alan Manuth, William Mitchell and Aarne Hakamaki.

Ojala, Eero
Sat 15 Oct 1955 Fort William Daily Times Journal
The funeral of Eero Ojala, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ojala of Finmark, who was killed in a traffic mishap near Sunshine Thursday will be held Monday from Everest's Chapel at 3:15 p.m. to Riverside Cemetery, with services by Rev. J.W. Sippola of the Finish National Lutheran Church. Born in Finland, Eero Ojala came to Canada with his parents as an infant of six months. Educated in Finmark he had been employed by various timber contractors, latterly, the Great Lakes Paper Co. Survivng are the parents, two brothers, Eino of 251 W. Frederica St. Fort William, Allan, at home: two sisters, Elsie, Mrs Allan Mannula of McKenzie and Lila at home. Other relatives live in Finland and the United States.


30-04-06, 13:48
Thank you, yes I know for sure that Auli Karjanmaa is Matti's daughter. And that she married Ojala. Thanks for your interesting notes!! Janet

02-07-07, 04:01
My great grandfather was Nick Johnson (Karjanmaa) he was born in Nurmu, Finland. He immigrated to the UP of Michigan. Do you know if he is any relation to Matti?

03-07-07, 21:08
This person is of no relation to Matti. Sorry!
By the way, just to let all you helpful people know: I got a respons to Auli Karjanmaa (married Ojala) and it was so lovely as to provide me with enough clues to find her decendants in Canada!!! I actually talked to one of them on the phone. So THANK YOU all!!! :) Hopefully this encourage you who still haven't found whoever you're looking for to keep on looking. One day, maybe, someone has a clue... and then...BINGO!