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21-02-06, 19:49
After much searching I found my father's cousin Eino's tombstone at York Cemetary in Toronto. Next of kin: R Hukari, Clayton USA. This R Hukari is my second cousin but I'm not able to find him (or his decendants if any) This Eino died in 1975 so the addresse I have to R Hukari is over 30 yrs old. I think it's Clayton, part of St Louis because there is an Arundel Pl there. Grateful for hints!

William Dahlin
22-02-06, 17:58
Would you have any idea about when R. Hukari was born.
Have found many Hukari's in Oregon, South Dakota, Ohio,

Here is one family from Minnesota with a son named Reinold.

1920 Census

Charles Hukari
Age 35
usa 1895
b Finland

Amanda wife
age 37 b. Finland

Reinold son
age 18 b. Minn

Helen dau
age 16 b. Minn

Alice dau
age 14 b. Minn

Florence dau
age 9 b. Mnn

Carl son
age 7 b. Minn

Hazel dau
age 5 b. Minn

Winifred dau
age 2 b. Mn

1930 Census

Reinold R Hukari
b. 1902 Mnn
Home: Milwaukee, Wisc

Ellen wife
b. 1898

Phyllis J
dau b. 1926 WI

Daris L
b. 1927 WI

dau b. 1930 WI

23-02-06, 09:55
Hello....Clayton caught my eye, I live in Clayton California so I looked in the phone book for Hukari and found one in San Ramon, about 15 miles from here, his first name is Kyle.


01-03-06, 21:11
Denise and Marcy thanks for your efforts and the long list of names by way of e-mail! Some are unlikely, some... I've got to try!

01-03-06, 21:15
Thanks for the list of names. Tyyne and Eino arrived in 1924-25 in Canada. I know now for sure. It's Einos nephew Hukar who "strayed" into the USA it seems. But where...??