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An Ida* Maria, b. June 1st 1889 at Klub farm of Pedersöre, was married to a Mattsson i Jakobstad Finland. However, she left her family and emigrated to Sweden appr 1p20ies. I source in Swden claims that she emigrated further to America (USA, evemtually Canada). People say that she was a very beautiful woman.
Does anybody have any idea about her destiny?


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Found on Ancestry.com 1920 U.S. Fed. Census
Taken on January 10, 1920 Boston, Ward 15, Suffolk, MA.

Mattson, Matt E. Head 35 yrs. old immig. 1903
Occupation : house carpenter
Mattson, Ida M. Wife 31 yrs. old immig. 1905
Mattson, Frederick, E. Son 4 4/12 yrs. old
Mattson, Harold C. Son 2 5/12 yrs.old
Eklund, Carl J. Cousin 27 married immig. 1913 NA. 1919
Occupation: Machinist in arsenal
Eklund, Signe O. Cousin married 22 yrs. old

They lived on West Walnut Park.


William Dahlin
23-02-06, 21:29
1900 Census Dartmouth, Mass

Charles Mattsson
b. Dec 1860 age 39
USA 1890

Ida wife
b. Jun 1877
USA 1893

Carl son
b. Jan 1895 Mass. 5 yrs old

William son
b. Nov 1896 Mass. 3 yrs old

William Dahlin
23-02-06, 21:53
1910 Census New Bedford, Mass.

Charles P. Mattsson
Age 50 = b. 1860
USA 1891

Ida O wife
age 47 = b. 1863

Carl T son
age 15 = b. 1895 Mass.

Martin W. son
Age 13 = b. 1897 Mass.

Theodore J son
Age 9 = b. 1901 Mass.

1920 Census New Bedord, Mass

Charles P Mattsson
age 59 = b. 1861
Fisherman - Boat

Ida O wife
age 56 = b. 1864

Carl T son
age 25 = b. 1895
Draftsman - Gas Co.

William J. son
age 23 = b. 1897

Electrician - Gas Co.

John T son
age 19 = b. 1901
Meter Helper - Gas Co.

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Thanks Denise and William for your effort.
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There is the possibility that Ida's mother, Thilda (Matilda or Mathilda) Gustafsdr Klubb, b. Dec. 12th 1854 in Pedersöre, d. Aug. 28th 1899 there, lived for a while in Amerika and brought Ida June 1st 1889 and Wictor Sept. 11th 1890 in Amerika. Thildas husband was ev. sailor Anders Isaksson Pesonen (Englund) b. 1862 in Munsala, Finland