View Full Version : Bessmer ppl for Carl

25-02-06, 03:34
Welcome to sfhs Carl - I am leading off with these ppl who just might be yours:

From Sharon aka Saron Lutheran in Bessemer we have a matchup of Sten and Malax:
S 22 60w Hilda Maria Sten Aug 13 1890 Malax unk
S 22 65h? Edward Sten Oct 19 1891 Malax dep fr unk
married to each other?
S 22 66u Hugo Sten Alexander Mar 7 1893 Maxmo unk
(single guy, u = unaccompanied)

and from Ironwood down the road at Grace Luth aka Svensk-Finsk Sion Luth
we have Falin and Oravais:
S 21-6 20h John Falin Sep 16 1874 Oravais 1900
S 21-6 20w Maria Dec 20 1871 Vr 1906