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25-02-06, 03:55
I came across a picture of a cousin once removed who emigrated from Finland with his parents and siblings around 1910, first to Michigan, finally settling in Monessen, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately the picture was of him laid out in a coffin. He died December 24, 1934 aged 30 (info on the aback of the picture); he was known as Jack Maki although his name was Einar Lähteenmäki. To the best of my knowledge his wife’s name was Helen, nee King, and he had two children, Virginia and Jack (information gleaned from the census).
I’m curious as to what happened to Jack, why he died at such a young age? Also wonder if some of his descendants may still be living.
Interestingly Helen King’s parents were born in Finland (info from census) although King is certainly not a Finnish name; another mystery.
Jack/Einar had four sisters, Kaarina, Aune, Irja and Kerttu. While I’m also interested in the rest of the family, I thought I would start with Jack.


Karen Norwillo
26-02-06, 01:50
I did find the family in the 1930 census in Monessen, Westmoreland, PA at 646 Mc Mahon Ave.

King, Elizabeth, head, widow, 63, Finland,
Maki, John, son-in-law, 26, married at 20, Finland, US 1905, shipper, steel fabric.
Maki, Helen, daughter (of head) 26, PA
Maki, Virginia, 4 ?/12, PA
Maki, Jack, 3/12, PA

I will also send by PM a living Maki in Monessen. Karen

Karen Norwillo
26-02-06, 17:53
On Migration Institute there are Kingelin entries. Maybe that became King in US. Karen

26-02-06, 20:11
Hi Karen,

Thank you for the information you have provided. I will persue the info you sent in the PM message as well.
I haven't found the right Kingelins on the Migration site or Ellis Island. Helen's parents, according the 1920 census, were Augustine and Elizabeth King. In 1930 Helen and Jack were living with the widowed Elizabeth. I also note that the Kings had lived in Ohio since that is where their two boys were born. As I said previously, this family twigged my interest because of the name and relationship by marriage to my family.
It's a long winter here in the north with a lot time to try to resolve these puzzles.


05-03-06, 02:32
Hi Pijo,
I came across this link which provides a timeline for Monessen.